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Free Art: Taking a few requests


They/Them Goblin
I'm interested in taking a few requests as warm ups, and to experiment with! A few will be sketches, others fully lined, and coloured, so expect a mix. Just drop reference sheets and I'll see what I can do. You can see my gallery over Here I don't have any anthro characters up currently but I'm happy to draw them too.


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Xin chào and cám ơn~!

I have a titillating owl sona , a fierce kunoichi cat sona, and a cute dragon sona. Feel free to do solo or pair or group them if you allow it.

Feel free to humanize/feralize/etc them if you prefer it more than anthro. Descriptions are found within their posts. Preferably submit the art on DeviantArt, but you can do anywhere I can be linked to! ^w^

Do awesome and I will post your work on my dA page (if allowed) and leave some nice commentary on it! Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for your time in advance~! Excited to see your concoctions~ ✨

If you post it on social media, please use my Linktree : https://linktr.ee/pikachuroxart Or use "Characters by Wizard-Emeraldheart (DeviantArt)" in your post.


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Can you draw Vic? preferably holding coffee cup or book


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Maybe this boyo here^^


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You have really cute art! If you want you can draw Aylin, if not thats fine ~ Im not picky on how you draw her btw uwu


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