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Taking Art Trades


Opening art trades. Please see my gallery (link in signature) for examples of art.

Taking 3 at a time.

Once I finish these 3 first, I will take on more, so feel free to just post. I will post when I will be open for more trades.

Please state what you would like drawn as well as reference pictures I can use to draw your character accurately.

I will NOT go in order of whoever posts first, I will choose who I want to do an art trade with and message you with what I would like you to draw.

Please note: I am better at drawing ferals than anthros. If you would like me to draw your anthro character, please caution, as I am not good at drawing anthros.


Just putting myself up here. If you are interested click my paw and see if you like my style.

Sam-E Jo



Hello~ I would love to do one with you.
Go ahead and click the paw under my name if you're interested in a trade with me~
I need to get back into drawing. Trades seem like a good way to do that.