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Free Art: Taking Character Busts!!

HEY KIDS, what is UP!! I'm taking drawing requests, will be drawing busts of peeps characters. I need updated commission examples to use for later, If you are ok with your character being displayed as such then welcome! I'm EN1GMAT1C on FA, and my sites are at enigmatic-art.com if you're curious about my art.

I can draw characters of ALL types (humans, humanoids, hybrids, anthros, animals, object heads, whatever) so come at me bro. I'm taking a lucky 5 - 10 people. No first come, first serve.. selection is RANDOM so it's a surprise! I'm trying my hand on working faster, so these can be expected within the week, the longest time to finish being a month. These busts will be fully colored and shaded, they're going to look something like these:


Just post below in a format like this:

Username: --
Character ref(s): --
Preferred contact: --

You may put it multiple characters, but know that I will choose 1 to draw. Pls don't note me here on the forums or my FA page of your request. I will personally deliver to your contact and post finished ones here. Thread will close when I have enough examples. Any questions and such, feel free to ask. For other concerns, email me at theenigmaticwolfy[at]gmail.com

Post away!!

EDIT: CLOSED! Thank you everyone! c:
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Username: julievee
Character ref(s): Various characters
Preferred contact: here.

Thanks for the opportunity Happy New Year!


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Username: SSCheese / IggyKoopa
Would ya like to try my goat boye?

Screenshot_20200106-145625_Samsung Internet.jpg
This art is fookin amazing! Thank ya for the opportunity <3
Discord is on FA if ya wanna add me for contact!
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Woah, thank you for the chance! I love your art!!

Username: windblade
Character ref(s): see attachment
Preferred contact: here or on FA (same username)


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Can you do my Kiaara? My FA page is in my signature. I do not have a ref but I do have pictures... Here is one in case you need it:
My preferred Contact is discord. Here: Jillias#6334


Hey there! I'd be honored to get art from you!
Could you draw my boy Fret?
You can contact me via Discord: Boingo#8008, I almost instantly respond!

Thank you so much, your art is awesome!!


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Helloooooo! It’d be rad if you drew a bust of one of my OC’s, Roselle.

Name: Felis Panthera

Preferred Contact: Discord (Username is Nascha, Single and Ready To Boom#1239)

Thank yooooou!


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OH HEY!! I see you're back! :D And your art is still cool as ever! Hope you don't mind if I fill out a form too ^^;

Username: Nyro46 (I don't have an active FA rn. If you need it for credit though I'd prefer you just put "Nyro" as the credit instead of this account because of privacy reasons).
Character ref(s): https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/19055258_413OjlGElOV8Dy5.png (I would prefer her with the hat on, sorry for the makeshift ref lol I haven't made a proper one for her yet)
Preferred contact: You can DM me here or message me on Telegram @nyroom
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