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Taking Dragon Requests for SPORE Game!

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I'm taking requests and trades at the moment...I love playing around on the spore creature creator, and I've been making dragons alot lately...The first character that I've done for someone else was Likeshine(green gryphon) She didn't really know either, I just kinda made it and shouted on her page with a link ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=W1ScOYe0Cb8 ), hehe...but I love the program and bringing creatures to life...

This thread is for dragons only though...Preferably non-anthro, but I could do a couple...Spore is limited at the moment as far as vestiges go, so nothing overly complicated or too elaborate, unless you want me to simplify it...What I will do is create the character, and post a video on youtube with it doing various actions, walking with its children, different backgrounds, and what not...I will also send a couple screenshots as well...Not to mention, I could enter it in the sporepedia so when the game comes out, your character can be in the game!

Since I do not have my own comp at the moment, and I'm using my bf's, I can't guarentee to have everyone's done today, but by the end of next week most definately...If you want to trade, I have a couple da links of myself and my other stages...I'm looking to take around 4-8 requests/trades depending...Thanks!

The purple/black dragon is me, and if you want you can also put a search for dracotic on da, and you'll find other pieces...

Oh, and in the future I want to take gryphon requests along with other creatures so please be patient if you aren't a dragon!
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Ok all, I have two done!

For Revolt:

Here's the youtube link:

If you want some pics, just email me, I can send them to ya!

Now, I appologize, like i said earlier, the colors aren't accurate, and I had to substitute the fur on his back for something that looked like it, but I hope you're pleased with the general outcome, and the eyes are a white crystal, I couldnt make the x(which i almost bought contacts like that at one point, it looks awesome)

For Solaris:

Your youtube link:

Also just ask for pics if you would like some!

On solaris, it was hard to find something for your yellow ribbons and all the yellow claws, markings and what not...Sorry the colors aren't exact...

Ok...Now that I have those done, I have to ask you both, would you like me to add your characters to the sporepedia? That means that your char's will be walking around in the game and playing with other's creatures when it comes out...I will give credit to your creation of course in the description!

To PhoenixWildfire: I like your dragons, but two out of the four aren't your creations(very nicely done though) and the other two are busts...Do you have a full pic of the other two? or can you describe each body a bit? Thanks!

Hope it's alright...Anyone else?
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