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Request: Taking fetish requests

I love fetishes. I, myself, am a kinky person. And I like putting that into art!
I haven't made free art in a long time but I decided I'll give it a go.
Just comment a ref and an idea in the comments and I'll pick who's ideas I like most.
My favorites are fat, vore, bellies in general, big butts, tentacles, and slime. c:
I will only draw fetish artwork of characters that are 18 or older.
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I love my guy in fetish art!

I'd love to see my guy fat, with a big belly and butt!

Also, all my fetishes are listed on my profile under INFO as well!

Thanks for a shot!


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wig snatcher
Oh boy :eyes:
Would you like to mayhaps draw a big boy seph making a snack out of moon?
Thank ya for the opportunity!