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Taking free requests!


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heya i need to get back into the habit of drawing and stuff, so im taking free requests, anything is fine but i reserve the right to not make art for a request if i dont find it appropriate. that being said, feel free to send a request!
Can you draw cupcake the fox with his hoodie?


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Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
It seems like you have enough on your plate already, but I thought I'd test my luck, just in case. hope you don't mind.
I would love something of Damian. Nothing too complicated in mind. maybe just show him/me relaxing? nothing too specific in mind.
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Sorry if I'm pushing my luck. thanks for taking the time to read this anyway :D


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Hey there. I was wondering if you could draw my fursona Jack Jackal. If it' possible could you maybe do a drawing of him building a device? he's kind of an inventor.

If your still accepting that is