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Taking out a loan for a fursuit?


It seems a bit extreme for a fursuit, but DHC is always worth it if you're after cute toony. I dunno, saving is a good idea, but you could be saving for a while before getting that budget


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Do it, and when you're sitting on the street corner eating beans from an old can in the dead of winter, at least your fursuit will keep you warm. :U


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You could always talk to a fursuit maker about payments on the suit. DHC does payments until the month your suit will be made but they do require a down payment for the suit. Most popular fursuit makers are pushed back by a year or so anyway so it's best to just communicate with one of them first before making any big decisions like that.


People take out loans for frivolous bullshit all the time, why the hell not? :V


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save as much as you can, life has a way of throwing shit at you when you least expect it. a lone is just another payment each month that could cause you problems when that shit lands


Rather than taking out a loan, why not get a hold of the artist and and work out a layaway plan. Pay them by the month rather than dealing with a loan that is between you and a bank.


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That's fucking stupid actually. What's the rate on a loan? Small loans I think have dropped, but anything less than a house usually has a 3-6% (depending on your area and where you take the loan out of). So you're paying MORE simply because you WANT IT NOW. Save up your money in the bank, and when you have enough then buy a fursuit. You'll have to wait a while, and save accordingly, probably cutting back on extras like dining out/Netflix/games/whatever the fuck. But it will save you quite a bit of money. Besides, if you don't have that kind of extra cash just laying around can you really say you can afford such extras? Fursuits are great, sure, but building a nest egg having emergency savings and also covering things like your car payment, insurance, rent, food, utilities, clothes, gas, ect are more important. And if you have to take a loan for such a frivolous luxury you're probably not as financially secure enough for such an expensive one. And again, I'm not bashing on fursuits. I own two.

Edit: I think I was not clear enough.
Taking out a loan for a fursuit is a goddamn stupid thing to do, and it's very goddamn high on the list of stupid shit a furry can do.
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Да, люди всегда тратят свои деньги на разные вещи, почему бы не попытаться взять ссуду на меховой костюм? Я имею в виду, это зависит от вас.


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Hmm. That doesn't sound like a fiscally responsible decision. Hear me out:

-If you have to take a loan, you already don't have the money to afford it, and therefore also the loan amount.
-Ideally, if you choose to take on 1-3k worth of debt, you should have a few thousand extra worth of emergency wiggle room in case your car has issues, your get hurt, or you can't work.
-Loans have interest, and that suit may end up costing WAY more if you fail to meet any payments and accrue a buncha interest.
-Not to mention if you end up unable to work for any reason and default, then the bank would seize your assets(the fursuit too) anyway. Is having it sooner for maybe a few months and then possibly losing it worth not waiting to have the funds to pay it off and ensure it's yours?

I'm not telling you what to do, but you are taking a huge financial risk and if you end up reneging, that will screw yourself, the bank, and the suit maker. Consider all possibilities for this to go wrong, consider every individual other than yourself this could impact, and make an informed decision.

EDIT: I'm tardy to this party. >~<

EDIT 2: Actually the bank wouldn't be screwed at all. In fact, they make the majority of their money by tempting people into taking on massive loan debt they can't pay off and adding interest.
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Except some safe loans or even freebies/discounts, I would suggest not to.

I haven't seen anyone go well with debts and stuffs...But that might just be me, I don't know... It's your call after all!

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Oh, so this is how Joey became a meme. Nah I'm just kidding, maybe.

Also, so many old-fags. Where you at? Come back with Cheeseburger Pride!

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Guys I don't think you need to give OP your opinion anymore, it's been 8 years. Who the Hell know what happened since then. Maybe OP decided to take the risk, and is now prime minister.

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Just save your money, it's better in the long run. I didn't make my fursuit or commission a fursuit until later of a different fursona before I switched to this one. I waited years until I was financially stable to make one for myself, or get one from a fursuit maker, in the end I picked the first option since it was cheaper, and also I like to customize it the way I like it to be.


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Just a couple of necromancers practicing their craft... nothing to see here!
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I had to take few times small personal loans, wasn't too bad actually. I checked the market, found the lowest rate and just got a loan. I knew i will give it back on time so didn't worry too much about it.
Guys I don't think you need to give OP your opinion anymore, it's been 8 years. Who the Hell know what happened since then. Maybe OP decided to take the risk, and is now prime minister.
Given that the OP posted and said they weren't going to do it, I think we can safely conclude he didn't do it. : p Though I am curious if they saved up for it.


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I mean, theoretically, if you got one and used it to make youtube videos, you could both pay the loan back and have it be tax deductible if your lawyer is Boozy.


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The last thing you want is debt in you life just save money wait passient and commision it when you have the money. If you wait passiently you will be rewarded in the end a fursuit is not worth a loan there more important thing in life and you dont need one to be a furry is not a requirement.