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Hi ^^ Would you like to have your fursona or other character drawn? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Please, only SFW and only characters with reference sheets.

and if possible:
- what kind of mood for the pic.

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Mood? Playful and happy


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Hey, your arts are looking great!

I know its Winter, but I'd love a pic with a mood of hot weather burnin up heat!

Thanks for a chance!


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Would you like to draw Sabby? Please draw her in one of her outfits if so, please!

As for a mood, I'd ike to see something of a light-hearted, silly, or playful nature!

Thank you for the oppurtunity!!

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I'd love something, if it's not too much trouble ^^ for mood, I'd say I'd prefer something calm, chill, and just generally relaxed and warm. Thank you for the opportunity ^^


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Hello, I hope I'm not pestering you at the moment.

I would like to inquire if you are comfortable with the following subjects.

non-furry/Humaniod characters. Specifically goblins

And pregnancy. Even though it is among the more tamer subjects many artists are still uncomfortable with it, so I more than understand if you are not comfortable with it as well and apologize if that is the case.

I'm posting a link to a folder for the character in question for your judgement, and again, hope I do not accidentally offend with its contents.

Artwork Gallery for Chu-toy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I thank you for the opportunity regardless and hope you have a pleasant day~


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Thanks for the opportunity and happy Holidays! I hope one of my characters might interest you.


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Hey! If you'd like to draw Azura that'd be nice. If not, you are free to draw another.. it'd be nice to have her in an elegant, regal look that'd be great. If you have questions feel free to let me know.
Thanks for the opportunity- Blue