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Taking Requests/Art Trades


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Okay, here's the deal.
I am taking two slots for requests.
1. lone_wolfe
2. fluffy-wol

And three slots for art trades.
1. xofrats
2. fox glove
3. 4sak3nFurry

If you want free art from me, you must have a wolf or fox character only. I do traditional artwork, just ask if you want it fully colored. If you want to do an art trade, here is a reference of the character you'd be drawing - http://i44.tinypic.com/2nl9u1f.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!
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I'll take an art trade yo. PM me for my refs and such.

Also will you do a bear if it's an art trade? That's not exactly free art, I'd imagine, but I don't know.


Ok I'll art trade but I need a more full ref or a very very detailed description. My art sucks... still getting better. M ref is in sig.


Oh darn haha I missed the free one by one lol I didn't know what lone wolfe was asking for so I thought I could try lol oh well maybe next time ^_^




coolio....may work on something over the weekend... ill keep you posted...
yay haha if you and refs or stuff you can find them on my FA or ask and i will pm them to you