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Looking for some Practice and break art block (feelings I am in), so post your character below with any information you wish me to know.

I will draw Anthro or Feral, no humans at this time.

Going to close this down at 10 pm (EST) and do the ones I want tomorrow. Will reopen after I draw the ones I choose to draw.

This is NOT first come first served, this is me drawing who I feel like drawing. You can repost again whenever I reopen requests, I just choose who calls to me at the time. I will post the links to the images here, they will be posted on my FA if I like them. (My FA username is the same as here)

Let's see how this goes and thank you!


Linnie :3

Clothes: www.furaffinity.net: LinnychanPL's OC - Linnie by ForeverAloneWizard

Clothes: www.furaffinity.net: Come here...(REPOST) by LinnyChanPL
www.furaffinity.net: Cheshire [Art Trade] by stakeout

Have fun with them if you'd like to ;)

Xing Tian

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Sheru is a tallish 5'7 feminine hybrid between a hermit crab and an octopus, despite sheru's thin feminine build he carries a large

Crab shell on his back which is actually a lot crustier and more orange, he also has another similer shell on top of his head with a small crab under it with very long legs, the crabs shell having may other small shells poking off it.

Sheru also has dark orange 'scales' on his shoulders, the back of his hands and some on his face, however the 'scales' on his shoulders have small shells on them as well.

Now about other features, sheru has darkish blue eyes with an orange tint to them, so does his hair which is spiked down to his cheeks, the boy also has six white tentacles coming out from under the large shell on his back with blue patches on them which are also tinted orange.

About sheru's hands, his hands are actually two large pincers that are a dark orange, sheru often gets embarrassed by his claw like pincers because he ends up breaking glasses or something by mistake, lucky for him however his tentacles can be used as hands as well.


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Ill jump in! :3


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