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Free Art: Taking Requests For Commission Examples [OPEN]

I need to create a variety of different examples for my commission profile. I will be doing one for each different kind of commission, and will list what I need below. Getting a request here comes with the knowledge and agreement that the art I make for you will be used on a commission page, though the art is yours to keep. These may take a while and will be done in order as I have the time. Please just give a description of what you want in the drawing, pose/emotion, along with a link to a reference for the character. All drawings can come with a simple background, or complicated for the later of the list. I'll update accordingly with progress and usernames. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. Only one character per person, please. A variety of feral and anthro + a variety of animals would be appreciated. If you don't pick what kind of drawing, I'll choose for you started from whatever's open that I feel would fit.

  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Deathless - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Bluefiremark II - Haven't started)
Coloured Sketches (minimal shading):
  • Headshot (CLOSED: _Inferno_X - Haven't started)
  • Bust (CLOSED: CammyLeon - Haven't started)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Asher Grey - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Universe - Redo - FINISHED)
Coloured Sketches (full shading):
  • Headshot (CLOSED: Fruitbat - Haven't started)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Arnak - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Lamia girl - Haven't started)
  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (OPEN)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: JJ_Husk - Haven't started)
Lineless (minimal shading):
  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: VulKaal - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Cendragon - Haven't started)
Lineless (full shading)
  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Faustus - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Lysirell - COLOURING STARTED)
Flatcolour (minimal shading):
  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: MildlyImperfect - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Tendo64 - Haven't started)
Flatcolour (full shading):
  • Headshot (CLOSED: Lexiand - HAVEN'T STARTED)
  • Bust (CLOSED: Minerva Minx - Haven't started)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Belladonna_Mandrake - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: MCtheBeardie - Haven't started)
Full drawing (minimal background):
  • Headshot (CLOSED: CharTem - Haven't started)
  • Bust (CLOSED: Arnak_Drago - Haven't started)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: . Mate397 - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Trevorbluesquirrel - Haven't started)
Full drawing (complicated background):
  • Bust (CLOSED: darkfurart - Haven't started)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Pastel Gothine - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: NethaEmerald - Haven't started)
Full lineless (no/minimal background):
  • Headshot (OPEN)
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (CLOSED: Byzance123 Rauss Khan - Haven't started)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Felis Panthera - Haven't started)
Full lineless (complicated background):
  • Bust (OPEN)
  • Halfbody (OPEN)
  • Fullbody (CLOSED: Kitsune633 - Haven't started)
  • Reference sheet (CLOSED: volkinaxe - Haven't started)
  • Chibis maybe??? (CLOSED) (1 + 2: PSDuckie - Haven't started) (3: Hibeau - Haven't started)
  • Icons?? (2/3) (1: Diamond Creator - Haven't started) (2: Jiccs - Haven't started)
  • Pixel-style (2/3) (1: Pseudolias - Haven't started) (2: -coco- - Haven't started)
  • Pixel-style lineless (1/3) (1: Fcomega121 - Haven't started)
  • Pixels (1/2) (1: Thundrakion - Haven't started) (2: Troj - Haven't started)
  • 3D models?? (1/2) (1: PuzzleGoblin: Haven't started)
Thank you!
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Most powerful dragon human hybrid in the universe
Can I have a colored full body please of him binge watching tv while eating pizza? He needs to look tired.
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Ruffus, the Eurasian Lynx!
Here, have my lynx fursona! www.furaffinity.net: Fursona Ref Sheet: Ruffus by Lysirell (Also you could use my pfp for a better head reference)
A lineless fullbody of him would be good!

Also, you could make my fursona with a sad or fearfully expression in a rainy or very cold day, facing up to the sky.
Though could also go for anything you're comfortable drawing, it doesn't really matter, just use the description of my ref to give you some ideas! ^^
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Cat With A Guitar
Hello there! It's really kind of you to offer that much art! Any chance I could get a flat color, minimal shaded fullbody of Diana? In her outfit if so, please!

As for a pose and expression, what about her with a gentle smile, sitting (possibly in a chair) with a cup of tea in her hands?

Thanks for the opportunity!


Could you draw my OC Kam?
As for expression, could you draw them happy and holding up a peace sign? And maybe they can have sunglasses on!
Thank you so much! I wish you luck on your commissions!

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
I'd really love to see you draw my lion boye! ;v;
Anything is fine, I'm just happy to get some art of him once in a while. But if you specifically want a pose/expression, maybe him taking a nap, completely asleep? Or him cooking something and looking like he's having a good time
www.furaffinity.net: New ref by Asherion

Lamia girl

*hisssss* hello there
Care to have use my lamia? I don't mind which type you use for her.
I have better ref pics but they NSFW so i can show you in PM if you want better ones as ref.

What i'm hoping for if a more evil/seductive look/pose for her

Thank you for considering her


Well-Known Member
How about a full body of me running through a sprinkler?

Excited and smiling!



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Knowledge Bows To Spirit
Would it be possible to draw my panther-dragon sona, Felis, cross legged and meditating peacefully with his eyes closed? Preferably Full Lineless w/ little background, or a full body colored sketch, please!

Thank you for considering me!


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Woo, okay, lots of neat stuff here!! Sorry I couldn't look at everything until now, I'm gonna close this for a few minutes so I can update everything! I appreciate all the help with this :>

Edit: Gonna wait until this last person replies to a PM and then I'll open back up for the rest of the open requests!!
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Open again to fill the rest of the spots. :>
I would also like to mention that I'll start these on the 19th-- I'm starting a day program 5 days a week and so I'll be getting a laptop that day for work while I am there.


Stubborn Caracal
Any way you could please do chibis of my and my girlfriend's FFXIV characters? I'll post screenshots of them as soon as I can get them.

EDIT: Here are the pictures.

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Alaskan Husky
Full drawing Fullbody (complicated background) or lineart fullbody of my cow girl Maria
or Dark Sapphire (she is the one in the middle)


Queen of Laziness
Hello, fren! I’d love a fully shaded flat color fullbody of my centaur-like character, Tobias! I’ll leave his ref sheet attached below. He is an Argentine Tegu lizard, if you’re wondering, fren.

Also, may I take more than one slot if I have multiple characters? I’m just wondering, as I’d like to claim a bust or headshot slot, depending on if I can ask for more.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more references, or have questions! Thank you for the opportunity fren, and happy drawing!~


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Here's my chameleon for your consideration! Feel free to choose the kind of drawing you feel would fit her.