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Taking Requests for practice.

Vector Rain

Struggling with drawing.
Closed for now. Check back if I finished them.

I am now taking requests again.

Now before you ask for one. Please note that I am still learning. I would like to take requests again to learn more.
If you want one. Please include a good reference or a solid detailed description of your request.
I'm also not good for coming up with ideas or poses. Which is why im taking requests. To help me learn.
Also, Im more familer with canines more than anything. I may try other species.

These requests:
It will be clean SFW pieces. I don't do NSFW. Cause I cant.
May take time to finish. So be patient.
My skill aint that good. so expect some off detail or no detail at all.
Most likely be a non-colored piece. Unless I like it.
These also will be 5 per session. I don't wanna be buried in requests.

Please include the following,
idea and/or pose

1. Stonebandit. Done. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13751796/
2. Kragith
3. Kalanaed
4. Damian-Cross
5. Monochromatic

Thanks. Do need the practice.
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Can you try me?
I have a few refs:

But I have changed a few things, so here is my written description:

I am a black wolf with fire colored markings on the tip of my tail, around my eyes, on my forearms and paws. I have red stripes across my back and a red concentric shield-like marking on my left shoulder. I also have dark orange belly fur, blacked-out eyes, and black angel-like wings with fire colors on the lower edges.

Thanks for the offer.

Vector Rain

Struggling with drawing.
Made my selection. Most likely in order. Depending on how I feel.

Will take more requests when Finished. So dont worry if you missed out. xP

Vector Rain

Struggling with drawing.
Requests held off till Saturday. Going to do digital art. Found this app on my tablet and now i need those touch pen thingys. Friend bought me some.

Reason why, Im learning and I love the feel of this app. So ill be doing all my art on it from now on til I get a Drawing Tablet.

Sorry for the delay. Im not usually the one to delay art. Even if its free.