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Taking Requests to Help Me Improve! (CLOSED)


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Hey all! So it's been a while since I've drawn anthro art and I figured what better way to get back into the game, improve my portfolio, and hopefully make some new friends then offer some free art? :-D

I guarantee absolutely nothing, but I hope to do some head shots/busts either as sketches or ink & colour, it very much depends on what I'm feeling as I work :p

If you wanna reply with a reference picture of your OC and a bit about them, I'll choose some at random to draw over the next few days! Finished pieces will be uploaded to my FA <3

(Please note I'm not accepting written descriptions only atm, and again the art is gonna be completely dependant on my mood so I can't guarantee specifics - sorry but I'm still new after all ^^;)


Would you mind doing rokar?
mostly black fur with red in certain places e.g red on edge of ears and slightly inside too, slight red on face going over right eye like a scar, paw pads are red, red pattern on tail and red highlights the chest and stomach (abs), has a scar on the Chest or left pec, greenish eyes.


Confident, very alert and cautious, can be clumsy from time to time, might not look it but is friendly and loyal.

www.furaffinity.net: Rokar made by Sunburst_Odell on FA by Rokar33
Rokar made by paperdawls from fur affinity forums by Rokar33


Here's a reference sheet of my mate's Fox Fursona. His personality is loving, kind, perceptive, and a bit nerdy when it comes to science. Would love if you could draw him!


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Heya. you think you could My character Jack Jackal?

Jack is a 18 year old Jackal who lost his family in a house fire when he was 7. He had to learn how to survive on the streets quickly making him an expert thief after years of practice. he also trained himself how to use his father's sword which he carries all the time. A caring soul and kind heart, Jack is willing to lay his life on the line for his friends an the innocent. But underneath his good heart lies a destructive and ruthless spirit that has an unquenchable thirst for blood! When this side takes over Jack shows no mercy to friend or foe. For some odd reason each side of Jack has it's own appearance. The good side looking like a normal boy and the dark with messy and horrid fur sharp nails and pitch black clothes. Jack never Backs down from a challenge and often gets in over his head. But this Teen just doesn't know the meaning of quitting! It's go big or go home! (smaller picture. sorry about first one. didn't think it would be huge ^^;)

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
Dang it, I'm late as usual :p Well, if you're not too busy and are still open, I would love one of these.
My two characters, either one works, whatever one you'd prefer:
ref 1
ref 2
ref 3
Fal (he's new. only have one pic of him):
ref 1
I have no preference for pose or anything, just draw either one of these guys and I'll be happy.

(edit: okay, looks like Fal's reference isn't working with mouseover viewing for some reason, so you'll have to click on the link directly to see it)


Haters Gonna Hate


*Gasp!* I can't believe I missed this! Here's hoping I'm not late.

Rayly is a silly fun Fotter who lives to eat sushi, she normally wears swimwear under her clothes because she tends to dive into any water, rivers etc.

Natchy is a Phoenix Dragon and normally very reagle and stuff but is still a dumb bird at heart. *Screaming bird noises*


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Name: Lukani

Species: Rabbit-Fox-Pokemon hybrid

Form: preferably anthro form, but it's up to you if you want to draw her. She has floofy fluff around her ears and on the lower half of her tail. She has the markings of a Togepi. She kind of looks like an Eevee was puked on by a unicorn that ate skittles and confetti. She's a playful and sweet creature and her inner beauty is reflected on her coat~


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Hey all! Thank you so much for your interest - your characters are all absolute stunners! I’m gonna put requests on hold while I draw up some of them tonight but I might open it again later :p
(Also I’m super sorry if I didn’t pick your character, maybe another time! <3 )


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Here's the first request for Rokar! I'll be uploading them to my main FA too but I'm still not sure exactly how linking works on here - Any advice would be greatly appreciated ^^


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Wow Miss mink Your art style is amazing!


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Annnd the last two for now! I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to draw the rest, there were a couple of OCs I really loved the look of but unfortunately time got away from me ^^;
Thank you so much for the requests and the nice comments guys!


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