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Taking requests to improve my art.


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I didn't draw for more than a year due to circumstances, and I don't have much practice drawing furries at all. Thought this would be a good way to get some mileage.

Thanks in advance for your help and kindness.




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@FoxyForest Thank you for sharing with me. I normally do painting so this might have been an unexpected style, haha...


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Here's my dragon guy to practice scalies too :D

My Fursona is a blue dragon with cream colored scales running from the inner thighs up to the neck, and a cream colored patch on the tip of the snout. He has no wings. His legs are plantigrade

There as 2 spikes on each side of his mouth (4 in total), as seen in one of my artworks.( The poorly drawn 2D one in this case :p) The lower jaw is slightly shorter.

There are 2 "spikes" sticking out of his elbows as seen in the third picture in the Character spoiler.

He has large bright blue eyes and large pointy ears similar to a Lynx's, a row of horns running from the nose progressively getting bigger and splitting into 2 past the ears. The spikes don't continue down the neck like the some of the artwork depicts, but they stop slightly behind the ears.

The tail is about the length of his legs and the tail has 5 spikes in total, medium-big near the base and ending in the middle of the tail in a small size.

His name is Denji and is a bi-sexual male, he's not really good at socializing but he tries. When he's with his friends he is way louder and wilder than otherwise, and is seen almost seen as another person. Although he tries to distances himself when alone, he is often lost in his thoughts and as such is very patient and calm. (Poorly written and rushed bio, will work on it!)

I'd summarize him as calm and collected, but on the inside he thinks a lot. Much of his tragedies and accomplishments he downplays or flatout doesn't talk about.

Ok so this is the exact top I want, it's a light grey hoodie but without the hood. The collar is like on the picture, longer and kind of goes in front of the other collar. Kinda hard to explain. It has no zipper but does have a pocket in the lower-middle portion. The only markings on the hoodie is a dark grey and an even darker grey stripe going from the upper-middle of the hoodie to the back of the upper arms. Below are pics of the front & back and a closeup of the collar.

No pants or shoes!

V Character



^ A bit less feral is preferable.
V Clothing



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Wow nice art. Thanks for the opportunity.

If you'd like to try Dressage my anthro ponygirl.

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@Belladonna_Mandrake Not at all, thank you for sharing Lilly. I accidentally ended up thinking about caramelldansen so the pose wasn't super different from the ref, sorry. Fun character to draw though.


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I hit a stopping point so I'll get back to everyone's lovely characters the day after tomorrow, since I'll be busy til then.

Thanks again. ♡


@FoxyForest Thank you for sharing with me. I normally do painting so this might have been an unexpected style, haha...

This made me feel all hyper and giggly. I always get so excited when someone draws me so super good! You have some talent! Thank you sooo much for this! I really appreciate it!


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Do you want to try your hand at a dragon?


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Hello I am an alien polymorph. the basic desing is really simple but since I can transform into hybrid you can practice anything with me ^_^

xenothealien.weebly.com: XENO THE ALIEN

If you are interested or want more detail you can contact me =D


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always willing to be a model if needed just love helping people gain new skills and polish the technique

go mad with the poses i don't mind


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I was hoping someone would be willing to draw my character. I've never seen him before and that all i really want to just at least see him. He is a polar bear and has a black stripe on his head that goes from his nose to his tail. he has gauges in his ears and i would like him to have a not so intense bear silhouette. he has brown eyes and the fur around his neck making it look like a beard. I do have telegram if i don't respond here. kazzibear