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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) Taking SFW commissions - 3-10 slots available!


part-time magical girl
Hi! I'm taking sfw commissions on any non-human or human subject (hmu if you need cute catgirl/fox art I love doing those). I can do sketch/line, limited palettes and full color, and I'm open to working from descriptions if you don't have a reference yet.

! I accept PayPal only !

Here are all my works gathered in one place (warning: slight nudity present): https://twitter.com/i/events/1310719435259490312

Line drawing:
  • $10 bust
  • $20 half body
  • $30 full body

Flat colors:
  • $25 bust
  • $40 half body
  • $60 full body

Fully finished with highlights:
  • $40 bust
  • $60 half body
  • $100 full body

Flat color background: + $5

I can also do animated hold cycles and short gifs!
  • price is determined depending on size and complexity - I mainly work in animate but can also use other programs for frame-by-frame animations if you want texture brushes