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Taking sketch request (Full)


1 I prefer to practice nsfw right now...so most thing are up in the air. Max 3 characters
2 no hyper
3 character must be yours please have refs on your face account
4 please be polite, remember this is a free request and I may not get the characters perfect.
5 when I get home from work I will be live stream from the replies and I do have the right not to do yours if I feel I'm not comfortable/understand (I will attempt verify first before passing)
6 I will be doing 20 for this round.
7 Picarto.TV - Redwolfink's Channel
8 1 request per a person!
9 here is my profile full of samples of my style: Userpage of natorra -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
im also on tumblr: red-wolf-ink.tumblr.com: Red-wolf-Ink's Randomness

The Private play list of the completed requests~
Free Sketch Commissions (NSFW) - YouTube

5/5 in cue before i start the next stream Will be streaming on Sep 6th

Happy requesting
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Xing Tian

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TY! I have barley any ref with her with clothing XD

......mind if I have a sensored version too? XDD sorry if I'm asking much!