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Tako's Art Thread - Or, I'm trying to learn to draw anthros! Critiques & Feedback please!


Scottish Fold cat, disabled, and sneezing a lot.
Hello everyone!
Long term furry here, I've been in the community generally for around ten years, and despite being an artist, animal based anatomy has always eluded me unless extremely simplified. I'm now attempting to make strives to improve it as best I can, mostly so I can start drawing my characters who're anthros.

I'll post some recent stuff as I do it - mostly looking for crit / feedback / advice / etc. as animal anatomy is hard. I've been working from photo reference to do studies and such, but most of the full pictures I do aren't directly from photo reference but done after I've done a ton of studies - so yeah!




Unsure if fauns count but... I guess they half do?



Birds are animals they technically count right...

Thanks for your time!