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Talk about a movie you've seen recently!


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I watch Toy story 3 since I was wondering something about Toy story 4 and got my answer ^^

I just watch Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) its a good movie, kinda like all the beginning of Wonder Woman, a American pilot crash in the ocean and discover the island of the Amazons.


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PROMARE, OMFG, PROMARE!! I drove about an hour and fifteen minutes to the nearest theater to see it and holy hell I'm so happy I did! The soundtrack, the animation, the over-the-topness, everything was the perfect end-of-summer movie! I'm using so many exclamation points but it deserves it, haha! THE HYPE IS REAL

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I saw BLACKFOX last night, and it was amazing.


Seriously, I suggest you go watch it, the movie was so bad ass and enjoyable.


Recently watched La planete sauvage

La Planete Sauvage is a stop motion movie from 70s that tells the story of humans (called Oms in this movie) being an inferior species in a strange planet ruled by a race called Draags, the Oms are keept as pets and treated like vermin, it touches a lot of sensitive subjects like slavery, genocide and the mistreatment of animals but despite all of that it's still a pretty interesting watch. Despite the bizarre looking flora and fauna the world building helps to sell this world and it's inhabitants.
The whole movie looks beautiful and it's pretty amazing how good it looks despite the resources they had.


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I finally saw the 2017 version of IT (Chapter One) the other day. IT is my favorite novel that does not begin with "Harry Potter And The", so I was kicking myself for taking so long to see this new attempt.

Overall I feel it was a better adaptation than the 1990 Miniseries. I will always prefer Tim Curry as Pennywise, and I admit it took a bit for Bill Skarsgard to grow on me because he has too much "creepy mode" and not enough "charmingly funny mode" which even Book!Pennywise had a better balance. That said, I do think Skarsgard gave a terrific performance and is worthy of the role. The kids were all great, though I didn't like how Mike kind of got shafted and had his Derry Historian trait given to Ben.

I also kind of had a rough time with updating the time period because I feel like having the kid sections take place in the 80s as opposed to the 50s made it a little bit harder to swallow some of the independance the kids enjoy and downplays some of the reasons why they were "losers" in the first place, but they still do well enough with it. Again, some of the best child/young adult performances I've ever seen (though admittedly the 90s miniseries also had a pretty good child cast).

While I did miss a few classic lines and scenes, I was pretty okay with most of the changes. One change I absolutely loved and wish it had been part of the book. One change I absolutely hated and had me flipping the bird at the screen almost ruining the whole thing.

They fucking made Bev a Damsel in Distress in the third act!!! She was supposed to go down with them! She was supposed to shoot the silver slug which they didn't even have! Yeah, she kicks ass all before her capture and all after her rescue, and she handles the situation really well and true to her character without turning into a waif. But goddamn it was such a shitty thing to even go there in this movie with this character. Fuck you, movie.

This fucking thing:


I think that this is a perfect alternative for Stan's personal monster because as a fellow Jew I have seen tons of creepy goddamn paintings like this and I'm sure others from all backgrounds have That One Painting or That One Illustration that gave them nightmares whether the art was intended for that or not. For me this was the most terrifying creature in the whole movie.

I want to watch it a few more times before I settle my opinion, but at the end of the day I did mostly enjoy it and am eager to see what they do with Chapter Two.
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I saw Joker yesterday and oh my god what an amazing movie! It’s been stuck in my head ever since I walked out of the cinema and I’m really thinking about going to see it a second time. I love almost everything about, it’s really hard to describe.


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The Rift - The Dark Side of the Moon.
It was as most would describe, audio hell along with spotty acting and a bore of a watch.
Not recommended


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I was X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The actress who play Jean Grey seem a bit too large.

The movie is not bad, but Xmen movies are not the best movies.

Jean Grey when she was a kid her power where out of control and she cause a car accident. LAter they when into sapce to save a space shuttle and she was invade by some energy and her power raise.

The movie is kinda weird, maybe too fast? They just remake a movie about Jean Grey becoming Dark Phoenix but she was never Phoenix in the movie, at the end she became Phoenix, not Dark Phoenix.


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Doctor Sleep was a recent movie I've watched and maaaan oh man, I loved it. I was hearing talk of how the movie wasn't scary prior to it releasing, and that it ditches the tone and atmosphere of The Shining to do its own thing. I'm glad it did.

The movie did drag a few times but one of the things I enjoyed most in the movie was how we got to see the side of every major character, including the antagonists'. I can't say I liked the ending since it did feel a little awkward, but it was necessary to tie it into the first movie.


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Well I just saw Rosemary’s Baby and it was just amazingly phenomenal, easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and also one of the most disturbing ones too. Sitting right now on my couch just thinking about it and oh god it unsettles me. Amazing performances all across the board with a great story and atmosphere and pacing and just everything perfect. 10/10!!!


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Love this movie! Have you watched Hereditary? It has a similar aesthetic of dread. Great acting and one of my favorites!
I have not actually! Really gotta look it up!


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My girlfriend and I got Disney+ (her idea) and I've been watching every pixar movie in order, and with my adult brain/animation experience it's fun to look at them and be that huge geek that's like "ohh look mike is throwing snowballs at sulley because they wanted to show off the hair physics". I also watch movies and tv with commentary tracks on.


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My girlfriend and I got Disney+ (her idea) and I've been watching every pixar movie in order, and with my adult brain/animation experience it's fun to look at them and be that huge geek that's like "ohh look mike is throwing snowballs at sulley because they wanted to show off the hair physics". I also watch movies and tv with commentary tracks on.
Pixar movies are great!


I saw Frozen 2 today in theatres, it was good. My favorite part of the film was the animation. My god, it'll make you love snow and ice because it's totally eye porn. I saw this in "3d" but i think it wasn't working because when I took off my glasses, the screen wasn't blurry but it did take the depth out. So the 3D was aight i guess and I had a discount on it anyway so I'm not mad.
The songs didn't resonate with me as much as the first, but I did love Elsa songs. Like I'll deadass watch the movie again to just see those musical numbers (hopefully in better 3d) because the animation makes it.
Kristoff's song just seemed out of place tone wish, but i liked it on its own. He was my fav in the first but dude got a weird song. I like 80s/R&B love songs it was out of place. Also, I laughed ironically when it did that zoom in his face because it was so cliche in "inspirational music videos".
Olaf's an cute child who was annoying at parts
I'm gay for Elsa when she transformed to a pretty dress and lets her hair down
The mythology of the setting is intriguing, reminded me of Scandinavian ATLA
  • I wanted the film to kill off Olaf, not because of hatred, but to make more of an lasting impact. Like the scene was tragic itself but then I remembered that it's a Disney movie and fake out deaths are a thing. But it made since to bring him back because he's a fucking snowman and they can be rebuilt.
  • I felt genuine suspence when Anna was persuading the giants to destroy the bridge, she almost died
  • Also the media was saying that in the film, Elsa was gonna be gay. She's more asexual in this and cares about the spirits. The scene when she holds hands with Rider's female companion can't be seen as gay. But maybe it's a setup.
  • I was confused why Anna became queen, I personally think Elsa should have remained queen. Kristoff's coronation suit *Pacha's perfection expression*.
So I rate it 7/10


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Last sunday, i had seen the movie frozen in the cinema with my daughter. I love this disney movie so much, the anime is so beautiful. i love the cosplay costume worn by Elsa, the see through blue lacy dress is awesome.I want to buy this dress for my next party.


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I've been ruined by musical theatre, furries, and the Internet, because "Cats" was not as weird as I was hoping it would be, and all of the weirdest parts were already spoiled for me going in. I actually un-ironically enjoyed aspects of it, once I got used to the uncanny-valley cats.

Loved "Knives Out." Highly recommend. Creative take on the whodunit with some sharp political commentary.


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Ooh yeah, you reminded me I need to go check Knives Out. Hopefully I can find a cinema that plays it in english around here...I'm afraid of the french translation :D