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Talk!: What are you and thoughts


The bluest feather dragon.
*Puts on Pearl Jam's "Do The Evolution" and types*

Hey there. Newb in these things slightly. I won't talk much probably to give others room. but to start this off...

I <i>believe</i> (hopefully) I am Dragon. My past is rather long and can be read here if your bored and need a bit of a read: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/365550/

But to sum up the small things: Dragon that's mainly blue scaled. I am a subby and wear a collar.

Now the "thoughts" is going to it more as in why and maybe your thoughts on how your speices should/would be like. For example:

I got my interest in Dragons when I was maybe 9 or so up at a cottage when I saw DragonHeart for the first time. It was til later I "became" (or wanted to be) a Dragon then a while later found the Furrydom. Now for how Dragons are: I think they can do magic with elements, are about as tall as a story (ranges from hatchling egg thats maybe about 3 feet tall to about and Elder maybe a story or two tall, one story is adverage age). Dragons are probably connected to the Earth in more ways than some animals (Gryphons are awesome but less connected maybe?). There are Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements. (Though according to some things, fire is not an element, making a Triskel which has 3 points: Land, Earth and Sea). But there are speical combos of Dragons. Gold to me is All Elemental- it has all elemental powers. (White=air, blue=water, red=fire and green=earth).

So tell me about you and some thoughts (I went a bit far lol)



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I'm confused...

*insert smoking mew.jpg*

I think you mean my interest in my "fursona" ?!


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Ok then for me I always liked wolves as sort of a mysterious creature. Wolf's Rain manga sealed that for me, the art was just amazingly done and the characters easy to relate to. However, recently I found a better choice in Tamaskan dogs which look like wolves. So that fit more since dogs are more playful and domesticated.


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That's cute. However, you are not a real dragon. The characters presented in the movies are contrived by human imagination. "Real" dragons, if they existed, may therefore be entirely different than what we humans think them as.

All that small talk aside, you are cute. The fact of who you are and that you seek socialization with other people by attempting to connect with them on simple friendly levels of roleplay means... *thinks for a moment*... I detect a lack of guile in you. On the Internet, as well as real life, a lack of guile in one's personallity is a rare and beautiful quality.


100% organic vegan hubbas
In Soviet Russia, Furry yiffs you...wait, what?


you are confusing me. put it in more simple wording so that we can all tell what you are saying. no offence I'm mean this humorously. but I think you are basically saying who are you and what are you as well as something about your self. am I right?
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*sets up "animal I have become : Three days grace"*

well in short : I have my spiritual connection to snow leopards , and I sort of made it my furry life style ,
though I can still differentiate between the real world and this fur world ... thats why sometimes I might seem like a jerk when I'm really not trying to be.
but thats about it