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[Taro's World] Cross-Species Fursona Ideas


Formerly Kotaro Akatsuri, now Alita Inoue.
This can be anything, such as a rabbit with a kitsune tail, or a wolf with moose antlers. Whatever it may be!

This serves as a potential fursona finding technique too! I want to see what kind of hybrid 'sonas you lovelies can come up with!
Perhaps there's someone out there viewing this thread that may decide to use your idea! (Me included! Since I love writing little stories!!)

Rules are simple:

  1. Any Cross-Species mentioned here are an OPEN species, in Taro's World.
  2. Cross-Species can only include up to THREE origin species
  3. Any Mecha species are not included in this thread currently.
  4. Keep on thread topic. If you so choose to roleplay in this thread, I would like to guide you to my Discord server, where everyone is accepted, and roleplays are preferred there!

[Taro's Discord Server!]
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We also provide areas for users to post the art they've received, as long as it has a direct credit to the artist who created it!
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