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Taste in music


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Moved to Music and Audio because it is better suited here than General Discussion.

Also as for favorite genres: rock, metal, and many kinds really. My tastes are all over and varied. Like most music except most forms of Country or Rap. Because it all sort of just feels samey, except some bands that do a little more with it or hybrid.


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Early black metal , power metal (mostly Christian and pagan powermetal) thrash metal, alternative rock and progressive rock are my favorites. I particularly like music with religious or spiritual themes. I also like a select amount of trance music and on very rare occasions rap.


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Anything with a lot of drum and bass in it.
I just want listen to abstract/atmospheric music.
a lot of Pilotredsun's earlier work really scratch that itch for me.
He had an old profile named, Bittertooth, I wish I can find more like that in that style


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Anything and everything.
I use to be quite closed off musically, but my twin brother sent me care package after care packages. I've opened up. I'll give anything a shot. Use to be a metal head and that was that.

blue sky love

Classic Rock
Alternative Rock
Punk Rock
Punk Pop
Synth Pop
Rap Metal
Nu Metal
Hip Hop
Soft Rock
Progressive Rock
New Wave
Hardcore Punk


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Oh goodness, this list is gonna be long
  • Metalcore
  • Deathcore
  • Death Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Djent
  • Jungle Terror
  • Electro Swing
  • Dubstep
  • Brostep
  • Riddim
  • Drum & Bass
  • Neurofunk
  • Techno
  • Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
  • Future Pop
  • Trance
  • Jazz
  • Baroque-Era
  • Punk (will never die!)
  • Horror
  • Witch House
  • Industrial
  • Doom Metal
  • Whatever it is Mick Gordon made for the DOOM games
  • Grunge

sleepy kitty

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Punk pop, synth pop and alternative rock


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People know me as a metalhead and this is quite correct. But in recent years I grew increasingly fond of electronic music with similar amount of power. On one side it's the dark and harsh industrial/aggrotech. Think Hocico, Combichrist, Phosgore. On the other, there's psytrance. First I was trying it as "productivity music", then I started liking it on its own. Especially the quick and energetic "nitzhonot" variety.


Anything with a guitar and drums, loud drums prefered... lol. I mostly listen to country these days, but i’m a power metal fan through and through.


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This will take a while, and I will forget things but here is a quick list off the top of my head

Most jazz subgenres, except acid jazz
Big band
60s and 70s rock
Punk rock
Alt rock
Post rock
Ambient Rock and Ambient metal
Ambiebt electronic
Nu metal
80's heavy metal
Industrial metal
First nations music (aka Native American)