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Tattoos - A Discussion.


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Yeah, I agree.
My problem is that I couldn't decide, because something I like now, I may not actually like that much in ten years time. Even things like a husband/wife's name have backfired on people, so the only "forever TM" tattoos I could think of would be your children's names.

Yeah... The thing is... skin grafts are expensive as hell! Totally what I was thinking, though.


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I'm an actor, so getting a tattoo is not advisable.

And I'm of the opinion that if you get a tattoo you should have a damn good reason.


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I figured if I was going to get a tattoo I might as well make it a good one. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2...t_tattooversion_by_coyotecaliente-d2x6nv4.jpg

Took about three and a half hours, and does have some meaning to me. But I won't go on about it, really. To you it's just a picture of a mongrel. c: Technically it's not done, it needs to be touched up with some finer details. Anyhow, it was fairly cheap. It was a friend of mine who was just starting out. Did it in the kitchen. Basically I just paid for brand new needles (sterile needlea ftw), ink, and some spending cash for him. 'Bout 70 bucks.


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I have my own, designed by me, and being put on me by my teacher- it's on my FA page.

As for the OP's tattoo. Plan on saving around 200$ for your tattoo and be choosy about your shop. :) Not all tattooists are the same, and cheap tattoos are never good, good tattoos aren't cheap. Don't be a tire-kicker, the artists HATE that.


A little bit daft.
I'm an actor, so getting a tattoo is not advisable.

And I'm of the opinion that if you get a tattoo you should have a damn good reason.

I feel as if what a person gets is up to their discretion. But that generally it's good to have a meaning behind the work.

As for the first- you could experiment with white inks/pigments. They don't show up as clearly. I worked with an actress for a while and this is what she did on her arms. Her more clothed parts she did whatever she felt like with.


I designed, and got my first tattoo around '09.
I'm thinking about getting another one this year, I've always wanted some kind of tattoo displaying a snarly-faced, long-eared bat.


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The axe represents my love of metal and rock
How old are you?
Are you sure you'll love metal and rock in a decade? In five?
Make sure you're okay with living with that (or laser removal) if you eventually grow out of the genre.

I have two blue bat wings on my upper back.
I designed them myself, and they have a shit load of personal meanings, some but not all of which are my desire for freedom and love of all things sky-related.

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I know a guy who has Boba Fett tattooed to his forarm, as for me I would probably get a tattoo, I just don't know of what. sometimes they can look cool, and sometimes people can just go overboard with them.

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a tatto on my chest of a very detailed heart. the organ, not <3.
there would be a banner across it that would probably say INTRA MORTALES (enter mortals) but i might choose something else. i'd hope to also get a tattoo along my shoulder/arm region, but it would be just a plethora of objects. not sure yet.


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I have a tribal wolf on the upper portion of my right arm, planning on getting another this weekend.


I had someone tell me today that my question mark tattoo sucked because it was too simplistic and not unique enough.

Ohh teenagers.