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Tattoos - A Discussion.


Strangely enough my other two tattoos have nothing to do with birds!

My crested is a lot like an Italian greyhound in her behavior. She's sensitive and low-key. Not very barky, either. It's because she's older, though. Going on six years now! I actually have never seen a powderpuff that wasn't at the breeder's though. I'd imagine they're better for cuddles.


I love the idea, and the execution is beautiful. Where did you get it done?

When I visited LA for a week I went to Zulu Tattoos and got that done. I sent them that set to put in their portfolio but I don't believe they ever put it up. It's by Adam, whose minimal/black ink portfolio really interested me.
Here's the site. Go to artists > Adam and then click to see his gallery. :)


First of all, I'm 23. And secondly, when I'm 44, I'll probably be working in a garage and my old lady will have her own stupid tats. I've already had time to think about my future, and being some NORP with a shallow trophy wife isn't what I want to be. Besides, I have a saying: the wreckless may not live forever, but the cautious never really live.

I don't think you really read what I had to say, and just picked a few words to turn around and be mad at. Thank you for taking the time to respond though.


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I don't think you really read what I had to say, and just picked a few words to turn around and be mad at. Thank you for taking the time to respond though.

No, I get what you mean. I should think long and hard before making a permanent life decision, but it's just not a big deal to me. I didn't come from some uptight suburb like I assume you did, and honestly, I'm glad. I'd rather die than be some white collar yuppie. And I don't go after shallow sluts so I don't think a tattoo will keep me from getting laid.


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I like em, they have to mean something to you personally in my opinion. I have two, one across my shoulders and one on the right of my pelvis, I'm planning for more, just a matter of finding the time and cash to get them done.

If someone else doesn't like it fuck 'em, as long as you like it and have no regrets I don't see a problem.

also the pain is different for everyone, the one on my shoulders was annoying to get, but the one on my pelvis was ticklish as all hell and didn't hurt at all.


I want so badly to have the assassin's mark on my forearm.. but I can't do that. So I'll just have it on my back. c:

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I wonder how many Harry Potter themed tattoos are out there...


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I had this idea that it would go on top of my foot, but I'm starting to re-think that.

Foot tattoos may heal badly if you can't run around barefoot for about two weeks. Also because you'll be wearing socks often there's higher levels of exfoliation/rubbing and the tattoo will actually fade quickly. So unless you're into paying for many touch-ups....



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I love that tattoo. Vault boy is my homeboy.


I have two and both have meaning to me. However What urks me is tattoo acceptance in the work place. At my job, if we have a visible tattoo we have to cover it with clothing or they make us wear bandaids. Not like people seeing our tattoos is going to help them any less or make us less of a good worker.

On my right shoulder, black tribal butterfly. I was 18 when I got it. Symbolism: We are never fully become the butterfly until we die. Only then will all changes in our lives be complete.


Pink Feather for Aunt Genny. My aunt was one of the best people on the planet. However she was no match for the cervical cancer that killed her. She fought her hardest and lost her battle. Instead of doing a pink ribbon, I did a pink feather because my aunt believed in the Native American relgion. It is my constant reminder to get my pap test every year.


My future tattoo, a combo of my love for subies which is also shared with my husband. If I ever stop liking them, then it will be a butterfly with stars in its wings.

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I'm thinking I'll want to get a tattoo when I go to university and move away from here to remember all the friends I had here. Unless they all end up going to the same place which is pretty unlikely. But the thing is I have three groups I'd want to remember; the one I grew up with, the one I survived comprehensive with and my most recent one which is the one I've gotten the closest to. However I really don't know what could sum them all up and I don't want to get three tattoos >.>


However I really don't know what could sum them all up and I don't want to get three tattoos >.>

Inb4 Triforce.

You could write.

The ones I grew up with, survived with

and the one I've gotten the closest to,

Are friends i will always remember

No matter what i do.

Im no poet but that would be pretty meaningful.
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