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Friendly neighborhood dinosaur girl!
it's finally time to get a nice, succinct commission sheet up. i also accept trades of equal value, just note me! please note me any clarifying questions.

contact at: furaffinity deviantart hugglemuffinza@gmail.com

R U L E S!

i will not deliver a finished piece until payment is received!
payment plans available! ask me!
don't be afraid to talk to be!
be involved in the process! i want your feedback. feel free to ask for streams
be kind and courteous!

taxidermatitis' 2016 commission prices!

lines: $10 / + 4 per extra character 1 2

full color: $20 / + 7 per extra character 1 2

full color with shading: $30 / + 12 per extra character 1 2 3

illustrations: $70+ (ask me) 1 2

special illustrations: $70+ (ask me) 1 2 3

reference sheets: $50+ (ask me) 1
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