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Tayler's Commissions
Hi, hello! The name's Tayler, and I'm new to commissions around here, but I'd love to draw for you! I'm currently open for USD commissions only (through paypal).
Message me on here, or on any of my social media accounts!

Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram
Check these for the most recent examples of my art^^


(Note: This is an old example, that will be updated when I can! Also, all above art comes fully shaded like below)


Icons: $15


Bust Sketches: $7

Add another character for +50% of the price


What I will draw:
-Feral animals (or fantasy creatures)
-Anthros (full or partial)
-NSFW (dependent, I'll let ya know)
-Mild gore
-Couples/shipping art

What I won't draw:
-Extreme mecha
-Severe gore/body horror


No slot limit at the moment, I'll update here if I change that!

Thanks for looking~