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TeaDino's Commissions: Character Illustrations & Sketches [OPEN]


Hello! Here is my pricing and commission types.
Please Note me at Teadino@FA or email donnavu.art@gmail.com

Follow me on Trello for commission updates!

Illustration Style 1


Description: Woodsy, colorful Character art with colored background. Expressions, Poses are my specialty!
One Character Full Body: $45+
Two Characters Full Body: +40
-Will send sketch for approval before finishing the image
-15$ Deposit payment up front for the sketch, Pay rest afterwards

More Examples: Example | Example

Illustration Style 2

Description: My current style! Textured Lineart with flat colors.
One Character Full Body: $35
Two Characters: +$30
You also get the uncolored version!:

Style 1: pen sketch

Style 2: Digital

Description: Tasty full body sketch of your character. My specialty is FLOOFINESS. You get a b/w sketch and a version of it filled in with a solid color!
One Character Full Body: $15
Two Chara: +10
Example | Example

Sketch Page
Description: Variety of poses of headshots, full body poses, busts. We can talk about the details.
One Character: $25
Two Chara: +15


You can view more of my artwork on my deviantart and art tumblr.

Finished comissions are on my FA.


  • I reserve the right to decline a request for any reason.
  • I will not do sexual related work but I can do nudity.
  • MUST have reference! Currently not drawing from Text-only descriptions.
  • No Backgrounds (for now)
  • Only up to 2 Characters for each commission for now
  • You may cancel the commission at any time but I will only give a refund if I have not started on the piece.
  • I can do tweaks to the final image(s); minor changes are free, but major changes require payment.
  • If you want me to, I will give you updates on the commission status. I will tell you the approximate time I can finish a piece!
  • I will submit all commission pieces to the public unless you note me to keep it private.
  • I may ask for a raise in price if I find the piece to be more complex than I expected
  • PAYPAL only please!
  • If you have any more questions/concerns do shoot me a message/email!
INTERESTED? Send me a message with:

  • Character ref, and description of their personality.
  • Type of commission and what style number

Contact Information:

Email: donnavu.art@gmail.com

FA: TeaDino


Commission Status: OPEN!

1. Tangled Colors

(priority) 1. FoxJump

1. Toorak
2. Tarrin
3. FoxJump

Thanks for your time!
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I give him +rep for his art! He is a very talented and amazing artist. :3 I would totally come back to get myself commissioned anytime and anyplace.