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Team Fortress 2 players wanted

I Am That Is

I am not a
While I do agree you should have looked around a bit more, I would be all in for this idea, if anyone else was as well.
(but don't get mad when I sharp dresser your ass :V)


Fresh Prince of FAF
So there I was...
Just downloaded TF2 and have absolute clue how to play this goddamn game...

I Am That Is

I am not a
Ha! I have that, along with every spy weapon\item currently in the game including stranges, promos, and vintages.
Even got a strange Sapper :p


This Medic is definitely NOT a spy
Id be up for some random Tf2 fun- ma steams my forum name


New Member
I'm a team fortress 2 player! Albeit not a very good one, but still. : ) My steam handle is 'Amy The Low Self Esteem Pyro'. I tend to play pyro. : )