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Team-Fortress 2?


Burning With Optimism's Flames
TF2 is a good game. I still play it a lot. I'm "patiently" waiting for more class updates(I want to know what the Soldier gets that's gonna make everybody pissed. XD) and I'm STILL waiting for meet the medic/pyro.

Tewin Follow

Fucking whiners.

TF2 was good and it's still good.
Only thing in it that pisses me off are Pyros, but people who play them are clearly shit bless em, so whatever.

Pyro-players tend to come across as overly aggressive to me.
They're always jerks and don't bother thanking Medics. D:<


Professional dumbass
I think newf ran into jening... or OMFGninja.


Yeah, sure. My no.1 game since I bought it.

I doubt we'll be playing together anytime soon, though. My crappy connection can only take the closest of servers, and even those only on a good day. I miss my old one =)

Regarding class ballance... the opinions are greatly skewed due to the randomness factor in public games. Obviously, the classes need to be ballanced around a given skill level. This skill level just has to be quite high - if the classes were too powerful at a low skill level, they'd be unbeatable at a high one. This, however, leads to a great skill drift in pubs. As such, a very skilled player can absolutely dominate a bad team and make certain classes or weapons seem OP.

Take the spy. The spy is pretty much useless in high-level competitive play, because in comp 6v6 matches, each team member communicates with the others well enough to always know where each player is. Disguises can't fool anymore, uncloaking behind the enemy is not an option as they watch each other's backs (flanking scouts are a pain) and can actually hear the distinctive uncloaking sound.

In pub games, a skilled spy can really seem OP. Instakill backstabs, near-infinite invisibility if You know what You're doing, occasional glitches (a.k.a facestabs) and headshots - sounds fierce indeed. Whereas actually the normal revolver has about the same average DPS as the ambassador (it excells at long ranges with godlike aim, but is useless against buildings, so that evens it out), facestabs happen less frequently than failed backstabs (You just remember the facestabs better, 'cause they piss You off), and an aware team can render a spy pretty much useless.

Another "OP candidate", the FaN, is actually strictly inferior to the scattergun. This can be easily calculated - 6 shots with an average of 90 dmg > 2 shots with an average of 100 dmg. Always. Of course, the FaN is a bit easier to use, since You only need to land the first hit; if You do, the second is pretty much guaranteed. Rapid fire is almost never used, since a) Your target moves after the first shot, and You pretty much can't compensate for that rapid movement with Your reflexes without sacrificing damage output, and b) Game occasionally glitches out at those speeds and does not register the 2nd hit. I sometimes use it on last resort shots and stationary enemies, but it doesn't happen very often.

About the only situation where the FaN is superior is in a fight against a heavy (and those are easy enough with the normal scattergun) and a pyro (knockback helps You keep him at bay). However, face more than 1 enemy and You have to either run or pray for their bad aim.

Actually, the game is amazingly ballanced out right now. Not so for competitive play, where many classes sit rather useless (pyro, engie, spy and heavy, mostly, though they get used sometimes, especially in the european leagues), but there are measures that are being taken to help fix that without overpowering the classes for pub games. Heavy is already a little bit more viable, and is probably getting a speedup meele weapon in a future update.

Of course, if You happen to have a lot of bad luck and run into a "competitive pubber" - like me :p - while being on a rather average or below average team ,chances are You'll get a different feeling, though :p But there's always them bastards that will be so much better than Yourself that it feels like they're cheating. The people topping the scoreboards, they got them nightmare enemies as well. I'd know ;)



Small Dragon
lol competitive pubber. I think I have run into you, and I think my score was triple yours as well. ;3


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Yeah, I'm playing it. This game seems to have overtaken my previous interest - CS1.6.
Servers of choice are the Furry Pound ones, nickname "griffin".


Being a competitive pubbie in this game is stupid. Unless you play with like. A few other competitive pubbies.