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Teen Second Life


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I used to play second life a few years ago (had a normal 18+ account and a teen account) and when I went to register again yesterday for TSL, I found that it had been closed. I don't remember much about the game, but it seems much more restricted now since I can't wander out of the boundaries of the region I'm in without a "Moderate content" warning message.

For those of you that play second life, do you know of any interesting regions that are general rated? With a brand new account and a few years off from playing, i'm a little out of the loop. I'm mostly looking for a place to meet other new players.

My username is CaelumShadows, if it helps any.

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
The Teen one got closed cause Linden Labs went "why the fuck do we have two SL? just combine the two.
Moderate is considered the norm for SL to cover for a general area that might have mature things going on, instead of out right adult things.

so yea...ya pretty fucked in the furry area


The Last of Us.
I thought the title was supposed to say Ten Second Life, thought it was my average lifespan on COD :(