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Telegram Sticker Packs



Telegram stickers! My prices for these start at $45 for a set of 5, plus $5 for each additional sticker up to a total of ten stickers.
Can be furry characters, human, monster, whatever you like!
I won't shy away from doing fetish or nsfw themed stickers make sure to follow the link at the bottom of my Terms of Service page to find what sort of content I'm willing to do. Style will always be chibi-ish like these but I can do variations on the style if you're looking for something cartoonier or creepy-cute.

I currently have two slots open! Feel free to comment with any questions or to claim a spot. c:

Current Queue:
1) Demon2fox (7 stickers)

(Note: I can't do silly photo stickers like the last one on this page and accept payment since that would be making money off of photos that do not belong to me. But I can do an alternate version of one of the stickers you order with a photo face for free if you ask!)