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Tell a Spooky (true) Story


take EVERYTHING i say SRSLY!!!
It's nearly Halloween, share the scariest thing that's ever happened to you. I'll go first . . .

This took place a few years ago when my family lived in a house out in the country by a large state park. My dad was on a business trip so it was just me and my two younger sisters. One night my mom had gone to bed and we kids decided to stay up late watching movies. Earlier in the day mom thought she'd heard someone moving around in the garage, but she went out and looked and there was non one there.

Now the living room of this house had a door that led directly to the garage, which was covered with sheet metal on the garage side. A few hours after mom left us alone, I started thinking I could hear movement in the garage too. I kept telling myself it was my imagination, and I didn't want to say anything and scare my little sisters. After a while, though, it became undeniable - there was someone in there.

All of a sudden there was a tremendous BANG as something large and heavy slammed into the metal lined door and scrabbled madly at it. I grabbed my youngest sister and we ran upstairs screaming. Mom locked us in the bedroom and called the cops.

When they got there, they found the intruder . . . cowering in the rafters of the garage. It was a raccoon the size of a small dog! Mom must have accidentally locked it in earlier in the day. The cops were laughing their redneck butts off, but damn, that was the biggest freak out of my life thinking some murderer was about to break down our door.

Ok, who's next?


A Hungarian Idiot
That's gonna be me I guess.

(sorry for bad english, I'm tired, kinda hard to concentrate)

First of all, I'm not beliving in ghosts and shit like that, and to be honest, I wouldn't belive that story what I'll tell you, if it wouldn't happened to me. So here is the story:

It was halloween night - even tough we don't celebrate it, we call it just "day of the deaths" - and I was home alone. I was talking with a good friend, using webcam, making scary faces to scare him, cus he was alone as well. Studdenly, I heard jingle at the bars ( I live in a flat, and there are some bars in the front of the door as well) as someone wanting to open it. I wanted to scare him/her, so I went there, and looked into the peeper... And I will never forget what I saw. It was dark, and there was a shadowy figure standing there. His eyes were shining and it looked like that he is holding a flashlight... And he was just standing there, looking to ME trought the door. I've frozen. I couldn't move. I was too scared to open the door or go away. He was just looking at me. He couldn't know that I'm there, I didn't make any noise, nor does he... We were just looking at each other.

After 10 minutes or so, I got enough breavery, and opened the door... and someone turned on the light and NOBODY WAS THERE.

When I went back to my computer, I told it to my friend. He didn't belive me. I can understand him...
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one night i dreamt i needed the toilet and when i woke up it was true :spooky:


This is a dream that scared the shit out of me, because I honestly thought it was real:

This was back in my "drug experimentation" days, and I decided to be an idiot and try LSD (baaaaad move, never touched the shit again). When I tried to go to sleep, while still feeling the almost full effects, I couldnt. I was laying there for what seemed like an hour, and I decided to get up and try to do something.

When I sat up, I was not laying on the couch anymore. I was in the middle of a warzone. Everyone was dead, and I could hear gunshots in the distance. I could even feel the wind on my face, and the rain comming down over me. I stand up, and look around. All I see is bodies. I turn a 180, and I see someone stand up. I think to myself, this cant be good. I see 4 more stand up, and then they all start to stand up.

They surround me, I can see the blood still dripping from their faces, their bodies. I can smell the gunpowder. They are maybe 5 feet from me, and they form a circle around me. They take a step closer. And another. And another, until they are a foot away. I turn around a couple of times, stop, close my eyes. When I open them, all i see is a hand reach out and grab my face.

I wake up to my body drenched in sweat, and apparently I had ripped my shirt off sometime in the dream, because I found it laying next to the couch ripped in half. It was the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me, because I honestly thought that I was going to die.

I will never touch drugs again, never. And I hope you dont either.
This IS a true experience, and if you dont believe how scared I was *shrugs* Oh well, thats your problem.