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Tell me about something good that happened today!


the sleepiest kitty

Something good happen today? Feel free to share! I love it when good things happen to people~.

For me, I spent the day with my sister and my baby niece, I bought a beautiful wooden box and a Brita pitcher (with two new filters included) at the thrift store, and the honemade soup that I was planning to cook today is simply delicious!


I’m working on school work, which hurts my soul, but I’m just that much closer to getting some free time for myself right?

heh, right?? I’ll be done soon...



the sleepiest kitty

I had a good dinner and my copy of Sonic Mania was delivered to my door

the sleepiest kitty

I should go to the library to get some books or some movies, since they rent DVDs there too

the sleepiest kitty

Had a good conversation with my NAMI worker, got a new sink stopper and ate pizza for lunch


Woof? Woof
Worked 2 and a half hours overtime today at work, got a free ride by my coworker AND a free pizza. =w=


Eternally Confused Feline
I've been using the sad vent thread a bunch recently so here's something gucci:

So I've been using Amino for like, a Month now. I've got a bunch of commissions through it's virtual currency, as it lets me actually pay artists without outing myself as a furry to my parents, who have been keeping an eye on my finances since I moved to university, so I don't bankrupt myself buying shit like the son of a family friend did.


So I've also been chatting on Amino a bunch and today, between troll raids (One guy just kept spamming photos of guns) we got talking about Lemurs. If you follow me on the main site you'll know I've been wanting either an Indri or Red Ruffed Lemur sona for a while, but have struggled to come up with an idea that worked.

But this one artist, this one actual legend DMed me and is taking my ideas and making them into a ref! FOR FREE! He then gave me all his AC (Roughly equal to 3p but shhhhh) because apparently he's unaware of how it works - I did warn him though that I will be showering him in tips lmao.

So I kinda had a eureka moment during this convo and this LEEM is gonna be based around the aesthetic of David Bowie's nonbinary persona, Ziggy Stardust. I've characterised them as loud, dramatic and theatrical. I can't wait to see the ref of them
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Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
The ospreys have come back, and there were five of them flying around at my work, peeping away.


A commission I asked for came in!