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Tell me about something good that happened today!

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Been eating salad for dinner every day.

And no, I don't overload it with dressings or unhealthy stuff. I don't even like the taste of dressing.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?

I found a fossilised sea urchin.


Fun loving kitty cat
I came up with a quote for my 'sona and my daughter laughed at it for 10 minutes.
It's in my signature, but in case you don't see it, here :

Told me I had a really good sense of humor, heh.

Amy's Baking company by any chance? (lots of idiots on that one in Kitchen Nightmares)


Bad Jokes Inc.
Been chatting quite a bit with a few people. Finally have someone whom I can properly geek over Synthwave/Retrowave with.


sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Not today, but yesterday I got to open two of the three birthday gifts my mom sent me, even though my birthday is in 2 weeks.


Seizing the memes of production
I went for a hike and took some awesome photos.It was really nice to get out and about now that the weather is nice.


A fox named Ridley
I learned to day that the new high-resolution images of Mars, which I requested, have been taken. Someone found them interesting enough to bump them up in priority. They aren't done processing but I got a preview.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Bought some King Arthur 'Pico 00' flour today, to make pizza dough, and it turned out really well! Crisp, chewy and delicious!

(It is a more finely milled flour with a higher gluten content, prized in Italy for pizza making)