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Tell me about something good that happened today!


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We had a fun shoppinb day. Still didn't get my girl into pleather, but she at least smirked when I worked it. Even our kids had some fun.

3 days until we get our leak fixed.


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I found a digitized version of an insect documentary I was obsessed with as a kid... and then some. Oh, the nostalgia...

It’s already on my iPad.



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I'm getting back into drawing and i finished something ive been working on for a while today!
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I am officially under 98kg after months of combating my addiction to energy drinks. And well, laziness. =3=


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Next stop will be 95kg before the end of October, which is perfectly doable when you're active for 9 hours a day.


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Got a couple bits in the post:

1) Fancy expensive headset for the computer - a late birthday present from my dad (was meant to be on time, he fucked up on the address when ordering it)

2) Transformers-Universal Studios Collab Dracula. A retool of Mindwipe from a few years ago - he was somewhat pricier than most figures his size, but I'm actually studying Dracula with uni soon so I had to haha


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I found a perfect pair of home shoes for my baby daughter) called roamans phone number and they said it can't be delivered much faster than the order statement says. That's what i call a successful day)))
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I bought a new portable dvd player online so now I can watch movies in my room once it gets here.

the sleepiest kitty

I bought a new portable dvd player online so now I can watch movies in my room once it gets here.
Because my old regular dvd player has a jammed piece of the ac plug that snapped off inside one of the ac ports. Couldn't fix it. Would cost less to buy a new one. I got both for about $16 each

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Work wasn't nearly as bad as it has been the past few days, despite a few minor hiccups here and there, and after tomorrow, I have two days off. Time to start Christmas shopping for the rest of my family.