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Tell me about something good that happened today!

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I had Taco Bell, and also my Doritos Loco taco didn't even fall apart. ^^

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Plus the artist Princelyy from FA drew my commission today

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(Boring story alert lol)

After I bought my farm I noticed there was a piece of hay-making equipment tucked away on a tree line. A big tree had fallen over it and it clearly hadn't been used for a while. This piece of equipment can be potentially expensive to buy even used, so I figured what the heck, might as well see if it still works. I own it, regardless. Last fall/early winter, I cleared off some of the branches and tried to pull it into the shed, but it was too far buried in the frozen mud. It wouldn't budge.

My dad's advice was "It's probably back there for a reason" but I wanted to see if it was still salvageable.

Today, for fun, I grabbed a big crowbar and decided to see if I could get the main drive shaft to turn at all. That would tell me if the machine was jammed or something. I really pulled on it, and wouldn't you know, I broke through the rust and got the working parts of the machine to move!

It still needs a lot of work and I haven't tried pulling it out of the mud again yet, but it's good news that it might just be worth my time in fixing up and saving a ton of money.


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I have a super fun dnd session waiting for me after work!

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My movies came in today just in time for me to not miss my apointment! The movies are "Wayne's World" and "Dumb & Dumber". Plus I just got a fancy new journal with a pen holder and a magnet lock/clasp.


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My chickens got moved into a larger brooder and seem a lot happier now. They'll be out in the coop in about a month.


Was sort of worried that I’d have to carry during this lab assignment with my new group, as I usually tend to do most of the work as I’ve seen in previous instances, but I got paired up with 2 nice people who contributed a lot! We got a ton of progress done that I couldn’t have done by myself, and I’m just really happy with this group! <3

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Curry went awry due to a confusion between coconut milk and cream of coconut, but everyone loved it just the same.


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Something good happen today? Feel free to share! I love it when good things happen to people~.

For me, I spent the day with my sister and my baby niece, I bought a beautiful wooden box and a Brita pitcher (with two new filters included) at the thrift store, and the honemade soup that I was planning to cook today is simply delicious!
My first ever bass guitar arrived. I played it for a good 5 hours setting it up and just getting to know it's behaviors. I would have played even longer if I didn't have work :D

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I finally got prescribed an allergy med to help my bad symptoms get better.