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Tell me about something good that happened today!

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(


Сommissions open!
Didn't happened today, but a few days ago I attended my first ever convention!
It was a board game con, where board games authors playtested their new games with random people, and also there were lectures about board games development

It was fun! Now after I visited at least one convention I feel more courage to visit even more
(Maybe soon I will finally be brave enough to go to my local furry meet ups)
But I still get extremely anxious in a room filled with SO MANY PEOPLE >w<


I rescued a baby mouse. It was in the middle of the road and I picked it up. It was bleeding from the rectum but luckily I live near to a vet and I took it to them. They'll release it back into the wild if it pulls through. I wanted it as a pet (it didn't bite) but I felt too shy to ask. Still, I rescued a little mouse. Yay me.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I played a few more songs on the guitar. I'm currently learning how to play The Wellerman.

I also completed the Duolingo German course by passing the final test without any errors UwU
Ganz gut. ;}


Well-known Monkey
They passion I had for wristwatches is rekindled again, thanks to a good friend.

This was as a result of a conversation we had last week and I was smiling today when I picked up a different watch to wear today.

This is nice.


I installed a modification for Risen 1! Yesterday I tried to do this all day, but I constantly had problems with it.


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Oh, yeah. Lots of sleep!