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Tell me about something good that happened today!

Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore
Well technically yesterday, but I made the Deans List at my college.
Only minor faults in my area. My area has Devonian shale and sandstone overlain by Pleistocene till. The flattish rocks in the first image are probably locally-derived sandstone for the most part. The boulder in the last image is a glacial erratic, probably from the Canadian Shield. We have a lot of miscellaneous granites and gneisses. I hadn't thought much of the type, but I figure it's a k-feldspar rich granite or syenite.
Man, do I have a geology story. So when I was a kid there had just been a major rainstorm at my house. Me and my dad went out to observe what all had been affected by the storm. We went out to the field behind my house where I found this big cool looking rock, I took the rock back home and when I washed it off I discovered that half the rock was a fossilized sand dollar. Did some research and found out my house was beachfront property millions of years ago. Coolest thing ive ever found.

Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore


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Bought a hamburger for once. Been a while since I got one. o3o

Nexus Cabler

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This didn't happen today, but it did yesterday.

There is a skatepark I discovered recently in a neighboring town that I started visiting. This particular time there was a festival going on. Lots of families with their kids, cooking, music etc.

Met another skater, he said it was a local gathering. After a good time of skating, he introduced me to his family at the party, who served me some food out of kindness. I was super hungry, so this was lovely.

We talked a bit and parted ways. This was the first person I met at this new park, and it was pretty cool.
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A fox named Ridley
Technically today, since it was after midnight, I saw what was probably the brightest meteor I've ever seen. A ball of blue light, brighter than Venus, with a trail of orange sparks.


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
my cats don't dance theater poster came to the door today,the new pokemon trailer dropped and my lillymon is due to evolve super soon.


I went swimming in the sea with my mother. I'm freezing and my teeth are still chattering but damn I FEEL ALIVE. My mother is like 76 and she's so tough. She does this all the time. It was awesome to bond with her like this.

(I got a bit giddy and yelled "SHARK!!" a few times. I'm such a hell raiser.)


“D a t t e b a y o”
I said dattebayo more times today then I ever have


Kit H. Ruppell

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A friend hit me up for some Halo Infinite.

Mike Lobo

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today I made enough money to pay for my car insurance so now i have no other bills for the month!

i got thrown out of my apartment this past weekend and had no money so this feels really good