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Tell me about something good that happened today!


I got promoted today, as i introduced my boss some new text services for business , which he loved.
From the next months i am going to have my own office and if i prove myself on that position, a personal assistant in the nearest future.
Going to deliver the big news to my family today during the dinner and can't stop smiling when think about it.
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My family put up the Christmas tree today. We didn't decorate it, but that always marks the start of those good holiday vibes. I also cleared out a bit more of my dark, dirty basement where my computer is and can now consider my little corner of the house to be something akin to "cozy"


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I didn't sleep last night... so I wrote some poetry


Honey, you should see me in a crown.
I am at the pub with my cat and my dad.

It's nice and Christmassy.

This song is playing:


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I finally got to use the block button, and I know it really got to them as they had either other people or alt accounts asking me to unblock them, I felt incredibly smug afterwards. :cool: