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Tell me about something good that happened today!


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I decided I'm going to pick up the guitar again, never really learned to play but have a guitar sitting collecting dust, although it's an electric without any amp.. lol

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I'm an old poster who was mostly on these forums from 2011-2012.

In the process of recovering this account, I stumbled onto an ancient photobucket account with some photos of old pets that I had thought were lost of forever. I have seriously been searching for one of the photos for years. It's was low res version but I'm still so happy. I ran it through an image enlarger and it came out good enough for me. Link if curious. (After enlarger.)


I lost and found my wallet. I spent couple of hours reading mission lane reviews here and at the end i didn't need even to block my cards.
It is very easy to make yourself happy - just hide a very valuable thing, forget about it and you will be full of joy when you finally find it.
Very simple recipe.
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I woke up being yelled at.... but now Im listening to rap so IDC


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This morning when I was out for a walk, there was a street pupper looking for food in the park. I didn't have any food on me, nor was there a store nearby, but I sort of waved the puppy over and it came to play and get pets. I pet him and played with him for 5 minutes and started to get cold, but he didn't want me to go - he'd tap his paws on my legs and even jumped up to carefully nom my arm to pull me back to give him so more pets. I did of course.

It made me happy.

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Got a late birthday/xmas gift from my daughter @Fcomega121 ~
Thank you so much, sweetie <3