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Tell me about your day


Takin it slow.
Finished work, now going out and getting hammered with friends of dubious trustworthiness. Hilarity is bound to ensue.

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I played minecraft for the first time. Got a wolf and I love him.


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Had a terrible day, hoping some of you had an excellent day; and I wanna hear about it.
Pretty good actually. I dropped out of portfolio development yesterday cause I wasn't ready and it was already halfway through the semester. I'll take it in the spring semester so hopefully by then I'll be prepared enough to be good enough.

What happened to your day though? What went wrong? If you need someone to talk about it with you can PM me or such.

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Pretty average. Not all that interesting, aside from chatting it up with Aldino and watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead. (=)


Off we go to the sea
Not much happened yet as I just wake up. Just checking on some forums for the time being.


Yeah sorry for lack of original content, my head isn't in the game right now. Glad things are staying fairly average out there. Tomorrow I will have an average day...THIS I SWEAR...haha


it smells like dust and moon light
Procrastinated, classes, vidya games, 4chan, bought a $300 set of very nice polyurethane motor mounts for my car (I should really spend my money on other stuff), more vidya games.


Cooking is going very well, keeps me busy so it's pretty much the only thing going now. haha. Might be taking a job in Orlando, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how that turns out. Been cooking with a retired chef for the past few months, and I've learned a lot from him. It's been great.


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I've been in a seminar since ten in the morning (and had to wake up just before six in the morning, for the commute) but it's been engaging. One of the two presenters is a campy, entertaining guy; the other is a serious but equally awesome dude who I shared a couple of drinks with at the bar last night, and both of them are managers that I'll be working for later.

So, yeah, four hours of learning and still three to go. But it's not too bad - we took an hour for lunch, so I went and paid out the nose for a Japanese lunch. Sushi off the counter, and I ordered eel. Oh my fuck, delicious.

I'm getting paid in a week and we're going out for drinks after work. Friday, friday.


I actually did some work during one of my free lessons today. Not something that happens as often as it should.


Woke up, wandered around my apartment for a little while scavenging for morsels of food before I began an epic battle with my Laundry. Procrastination ended up winning out and here I sit in front of the computer on FAF hungry.


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well i wnated to have some cereal this morning but when i opened the cupbaord it fell of the hing and hit me in the mouth, now my gums are bleeding and there wasnt even any cereal in the stupid thing.


Woke up, went to class, found out I have to work today because nobody covered for me. Damn.


The BF was nagging ALL night about his family issues. i mean its cool to get something off your chest but he is driving me away with all the negativity he is putting out. I told him that he should call them and settle up on it but then he just gets mad and starts nagging about REALLY stupid trivial stuff. I kept trying to cheer him up but nothing is working.
Well I got to cut a desk up with a plasma torch. That was fun, I guess.

But not really.

Oh, I got to shit all over my friend for being his girlfriend's bitch. That was pretty cool. He's also a brony so it's like... double points or some shit.


I ate a sandwich and doodled, and asked myself why I'm sitting here and shitting my life away and sober. I guess it's a change from bitching at my sister for eating every last edible item in the house all day.


I went to histo lab. Then, there was a bomb threat on our main campus that caused it to be evacuated (although the med campus stayed open), and my anatomy lab was canceled. So some my group played some video games instead. Yay for being unproductive!
I ate a sandwich and doodled, and asked myself why I'm sitting here and shitting my life away and sober. I guess it's a change from bitching at my sister for eating every last edible item in the house all day.

Hey. You doodled and made a sandwich. That's more than I do in a week, you ungrateful prick.


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woke up. fed dogs. fell back asleep. woke up. microwaved some chicken and made buffalo wings. internet. now.