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Tell me about your pet(s)!

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Draws with Claws
Just wanted to start a fun convo about pets, because they're great. :3
I have a cat named Luna who's black with a white chest patch and white armpit fur, and she has yellow eyes.
She loves following me and my parents around, she always has to be where people are. She also likes to steal stuff. Her favorite things to steal are plastic wrappers, napkins, and bras. She'll turn 1 in May!


The Sparklewolf
Is there an option for those who don't have any pets? I don't have any, though I wish to. Actually right now I'm taking care of my sister's bunny till she comes back from the trip. The bunny is boring, all it does is sits in one spot and recycles food, growls and bites when I try to pet it.
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Professional Kuja fangirl
I have an extremely fat and fluffy cat. Her name is Zeta, but for reasons I call her Ding. (She responds to Ding.) She's what I call a tuxedico-- that is, a tuxedo patterned calico print cat. I've had her for a decade, and she is very vocal and annoying. Ding is not a lap cat--she's a foot cat. She likes to lie on my right foot, and sometimes treats it like a kitten, bathing my toes and putting my toes on her stomach. Bit weird.
I even have a tumblr where I post pictures of her for my gf, though I haven't updated it recently: http://picturesofding.tumblr.com/


Insanity can be such a beautiful thing.
I've now got 4 cats. Just got adopted by a kitten yesterday taking out the garbage. 2 mice and 1 rabbit.


Insanity can be such a beautiful thing.
We have two kitties! We got Malla the year we got married. The last year, we were just hanging out in the near by city and this kitten is like, "I LOVE YOU! I AM ADORABLE TAKE ME HOME!! =OwO= " And we came home with Nari. Never expected to get a second cat! We love them both! <3

I have a galley of them!
That's what happened to me yesterday. Went to take out the trash and there, under the recycling bin was this little black ball of fluff.

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
I've got four cats,a dog and a Ball Python.
The cats are Ashe,Armand,Castiel and Widget.
Ashe and Armand were given to us,I got Widget from a Lady who was giving kittens away for free and Castiel was a rescue.
My Dog is Tanuki,he's a Rottweiler mix that was given to me by my brother Skylar when Tanuki was a puppy.
Then there's my Ball Python Lucifer,I got him for my birthday this year.
I've got four cats,a dog and a Ball Python.
The cats are Ashe,Armand,Castiel and Widget.
Ashe and Armand were given to us,I got Widget from a Lady who was giving kittens away for free and Castiel was a rescue.
My Dog is Tanuki,he's a Rottweiler mix that was given to me by my brother Skylar when Tanuki was a puppy.
Then there's my Ball Python Lucifer,I got him for my birthday this year.
I am completely in love with your pet names!
I have one calico cat named Thing (after the hand from the Addams Family), an oriental frill pigeon named Tesla, and a wonderful Piranha named Fester (again after the Addams Family) Haha. I also have two guppies who magically survived being eaten by my Piranha after getting accidentally bagged with some feeder fish and now have their own little tank to live out their little lives in!


Potato salad
I've got a tuxedo cat named Leo, he's super shy and doesn't like people. I also have a pair of red eared sliders I adopted recently(like a year ago). I mostly keep arachnids though, I've got a few tarantulas and just recently got a Babycurus jacksoni and Damon diadema!


Draws with Claws
Daww, I love hearing about everyone's pets! So cute!! My cat was found at a recycling plant where my friend's boyfriend works. We think her mom left her because she was a runt. My roommate has a crested gecko named KC and he comes out every night to be held for a bit. :)


professional procrastinator
Currently I have a cat, a dog, and a decreasing amount of Chickens (4 at the moment :p) - they keep dying of various things! (Including a fox, raises a suspicious brow >3>)

Ma cat Maddy is a devil, she bursts into my room at random times and even after putting a small chair in front of my door she still managed to open it with effort. She always wants attention and 'pats' me with her claws if I don't stroke her >p>

My dog Alfie, aka Alf / Alfie Bear / Ralphster

I have had a large amount of chickens over the past 7 years too, 12(?) in total at one point, and also hatched chicks from eggs borrowed from a friend in Wales on two occasions, but they're all old now heh
I also had another cat called Lily, who tragically died a few years ago. She was really fluffy and fat, and after she went the other cat mysteriously gained weight, hmm. They were sisters, but animals are always dying, silly things eheh .3.


Wakor Jones
I have three dogs and a cat!


Charlie is the pitbull, and he was rescued! He had bad mange, so he's about 80% bald.
Miskey is the black and white mutt. She's been kidnapped once because someone thought she was a valuable hunting dog! Nope.
Ava is the black and brown dog. She's old and cranky and bosses everyone around.
The cat has yellow eyes and we found her outside in our bushes as a kitten.


Airship Gunner
Sadly I have no pets as of the moment. There were two cats I used to look after, Louie and Ashes. I was one of the only people they would be nice too. I miss those two furballs.....


Hare Boi
I have 3 rabbits. First is Gavin, who just turned 4 and is a little Dutch bunny. He's real sweet and I've had him since he was a baby. I also have Tallulah who is 5 and I've had her for just about a year. She's an albino New Zealand bunny and was in a shelter her whole life so she gets nervous very easily. She's scared of a lot of things but I love her. Lastly I have OJ, who is just now a year old and almost 9 pounds. She's a tan palomino rabbit that I got from a shelter 6 months ago. Really playful and acts like a dog.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
We have one cat, named Iggy, short for Ignatius J. Cat.

He's a male Manx, and has that sorta square shape , is orange/apricot in color, and has just a puff of fur for a tail. He's very sweet, and doesn't climb a lot, but has a lot of various sounds he makes, to let you know what he wants!


I've had a rabbit a fish 3 cats and 4 dogs. 3 of those dogs yet live, ones ancient though (yorkie) and he inst actually MINE and I don't really like him. One of the others (pinscher/ dachshund mix) is supposedly my sisters, but that dog cant stand sleeping with her, and I take care of her more than my sister does, so she's mine. The other is more of a family dog. Full mini dachshund, and she's a slut. She'll stick her tongue in any hole she can reach and give kisses for days. The other was a poodle/ yorkie and I really didn't like him either. He was decrepit when I was like 5, and he had a bad attitude. The fish was a beta, named him Kisame when I was going through a Naruto phase and the rabbit was named Buster. All 3 cats were supposedly my sister's, but she doesn't/ didn't take care of any of them. One ran away (Precious), we came home from vacation one year to find that another (Tiger) had been hit by a car and left there. The other yet lives (Bon Jovi) but she's a bipolar twat.


Monkey Magic c(^o^)ɔ
I have one cat, a short haired tabby (I guess?) named Leyo. He's white with large black and brown spots over his body. My friend found him hiding in a gutter during a typhoon. He is very... VERY vocal and loves attention. Especially in the early hours of the morning. (^_^) He can be quite a dick handful but he's started to grow on me at this point.