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Tell me about your pet(s)!

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I'm a trashbag. A cute trashbag
I have two dogs and two cats!

This is my kitty, Sailor, he'll be a year old in June:

He was found on a houseboat with his two brothers. He still visits them once and a while and they all love each other to bits! Sailor is really hyper and crazy but other times he's cuddly and sweet!

This is my other kitty, Caisey. I'm not sure how old she is but I know she's old lol:

(Her eye is swollen in this picture. This was shortly before she went blind)
Caisey has heterochromia; one of her eyes is green and the other is blue. Her blue eye is blind. She's really fat and fluffy and she loves cuddles. I pretty much grew up with her and I love her dearly!

This is my puppy, Teddy:

He's not very cuddly but he loves being pet and getting backrubs! He's really sweet and loves everybody he meets. We adopted him when I was 6 and, ten years later, he's still with us <3

And this is my dog, Blue:

We got him when I was 3 or 4, I can't really remember. But he grew up with me and was one of my closest friends growing up! He loves cuddles and he thinks he's a lap dog lol. He's also very protective of me and my sister but he would never hurt anyone (unless they were hurting us!)


Sister got a Yorkie named Rugby.

He's annoying as fuck, but he's a good companion. Just about everyone has to dodge him when he tries to lick your lips.

Then he bothers me 24/7 wanting belly rubs lol


Fahcs Lives!
RosetheCrux, I like your picture of Teddy who just looks like he's asking 'Why you take picture of me human?' :p

I have just 3 cats (though two of my neighbors cats seem to want to live with us too).
Sooty - The eldest of the 3 doesn't really like the other cats and will happily climb onto my shoulders for attention
Dezzy - The middle male cat, I'm not sure he cares if we exist as long as we feed him
Amber - She can never have too much attention and will never stop loving you, even if you accidentally kick her or leave her outside in the rain

Sucks I'm allergic to em all though :p


Shapeshifting alien dragon
I have five pets. Plus whatever other critters happen to be going through my rescue at the moment. I do reptile rescue (as our local 'humane society' refuses to accept reptiles and automatically euthanizes any that come in. How humane of them :mad: )

There's Styx, my GSD cross (I'll leave y'all to guess what with)

Then there's Justice, a female boa - just over six feet long for the curious.

She came into my home along with Monty, a male boa who was a bit over nine feet last we measured him, which was a couple years ago. He and Justice are permanent residents at the house now due to their injuries. Monty is (at least) 21 years old, and Justice is (at least) 11 years old now.

Next is Argus, my Brazilian rainbow boa. The only snake in my house who didn't come to me via rescue.

And my smallest snake I haven't got a good pic of right now, but he's a baby boa, same species as Monty and Justice.
I also keep a breeding colony of rats as feeders, although some of them do go off and become pets because I have numerous friends who keep rats as pets and they prefer my feeder stock to pet store stock - but that's a topic for another day. I have around a hundred rats at any one time, but I don't really count them as pets. They are livestock, they have a purpose.


This is my dugart Khloe. She's sleeping on my bed right now and taking 2/3 of it. She can be a pain in the ass but she has never once been aggressive. She's always either happy, sleepy, or scared and that's it. My perfect pupper. She's also incredibly floofy and likes to cuddle.

Faunny C.

I'm a Deer-Dragon. Yup, that's a thing.
I have too many pets. I have a dog, Jake, two cats, G and Flash, a snake, Awando, and five rabbits, Gwendolen, Astrid, Alcatraz, Derp, and Nibbles.


Shapeshifting alien dragon
How are people posting these photo's!?
Mine can't upload because their file size is too big :eek:
We're using the 'insert image' from a url that links them from another site, like photobucket. Go upload your images there and then you'll be able to do so.


New Member
The house I am living under right now has about 10 cats and one I grew up with that is about 16 years old now, his name is Tiger and he is a maine coon


New Member
I had a dog, 2 fish, a bird and 36 hamsters (they were 2, but i didn't know if they were male or female ...) in my house.
The first 4 ones died, and i feel bad for the dog, I never gave him the love he needed ..
The bird ... my grandmother kill it because she didn't like him >_<
about the hamsters ... XDD
At first we thought they were 2 females ... then we had 8 ... then 12 ... until we reached 36 XD
ow god, his.."don't know the name" is so tiny that It was difficult to me to match males and females in different places xD
Right now, i don't have any, I give almost all of them to different friends and cousins.
The last 4 standing were OP, they lived the double of the others, I'm especially proud of Jirachi, he deserved that name

I also had a cat friend, I called her "Mineta", we meet each other in the street, she played with me for some years, and also allowed me to play with his kitties when she had them, no other were allowed.
But then, because of the studies, we stopped to see each other, and I never saw her again T_T
Now that I can return to that place, I think I found one of her kitties, but I'm not sure if he is


I will deliver the explosion
I have 2 cats currently.

Percy is an orange and white tabby. He's very energetic, and can be annoying but I still love him. He's curious, and very intelligent: he will "tell" us there's trash on the floor by getting our attention like it's a bug (some clear plastic trash can be hard to see on the floor), and he'll paw at the bedroom door if something's wrong, like yesterday evening when I accidentally left the wax melt warmer on. Of course it took me a few tries to get it, but once I shut it off he settled down.

Hennessey (came with that name XD) is gray and gray, and I think he's part Tonkinese (he's huge and noisy, a complete chatterbox). He's not as energetic as Percy, but they're bros. Part of his lack of general energy comes from the fact that he is mostly blind. He loves to "talk" to you and if you "talk" back, either in voice or by meows, even just saying the word "mow" at him... he loves it and will "talk" at you for ages. He's also a huge cuddlebug. He's shy, but he also loves to make friends.


Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
A female dog and a male cat. They're both like siblings. The dog is almost 12 years old and she isn't as energetic as she used to be, but she still jumps at every opportunity to have spend time with me. The cat used to be scared of the stray cats, but now he's scaring all of them away, even though he's smaller than all of them.
@SodaBubbles Those cats sound like they're great to have around.

Onyx the Aby

New Member
I've never owned a pet, but I've been around animals a lot.
My mom's parents once owned a Cocker Spaniel named Skip. He was around for at least fifteen years before he passed away. Right now they have a White Western Terrier named Max. ^^
Over my grandmother's house on my father's side, we used to have a lot of stray tabby cats roaming around the neighborhood. One was very friendly so my uncle took him in as a pet. My brother and I named him Pickulo (It used to be Pearl until we found out that he was not a female XD). He unfortunately passed some years back.


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I have 2 Maine Coons, named Sunshine, yellow female, and storm, gray male. The names prove to be ironic as storm is friendly and loves everyone, and very friendly to visitors, while sunshine continues to hide from visitors and dislikes everyone in the family except for my oldest brother since we first got her, and is a snot-rocket.


I used to have a hamster! That died...
I used to have a dog! That died....
I used to have tons of fish! They died...
I haven't gotten around to getting another pet, since they all keep dying... (Of old age)
But I do have a fish. I don't quite understand how he's alive, since his tank is really foggy and I forget to feed him.


Find me on Amino!
I used to have a hamster! That died...
I used to have a dog! That died....
I used to have tons of fish! They died...
I haven't gotten around to getting another pet, since they all keep dying... (Of old age)
But I do have a fish. I don't quite understand how he's alive, since his tank is really foggy and I forget to feed him.
We used to buy hamsters 7 years ago, but stopped because they all (somewhere more than 30 of them) kept dying within a week.