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Tell me about your pet(s)!

How many pets do you have?

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The Sparklewolf
my bunny :3



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Deleted member 82554

My pets are better than your pets, that's all you need to know.


Totally not a vampire
I no longer have any pets of my own Q_Q I used to have an energetic terrier mix and a mischievous little ferret. My terrier mix was ridiculously strong and could give any human a run for their money in tug-o-war!

I've been waiting to get a pet (probably an adopted doggo) until I'm more financially stable so I can give them the care they deserve.


Lost in an internal soundtrack
I've got two spoiled dogs. One is a sweedish vallhund (the corgi viking cousin). His name is Ivar and he's scared of his own shadow but he's the sweetest boy with a never ending amount of kisses. The second is a red mini dachshund named Ziggy (like Ziggy Stardust). He's stubborn which is typical for dachshunds but he always has his brothers back and he's quite a snuggler! I couldn't ask for better dogs.






Perpetually Tired
I've got 5 cats, their names are Skie, Stormy, Goldie, Toulouse, and Polka-Dot
They're all so goofy and spoiled rotten. So spoiled you could smell them a mile away.

Skie is incredibly lazy. if you try to move him out of them way when he's laying down, instead of getting up he'll just roll over, the lazy tub a' lard.
Stormy is incredibly annoying, oh my god, she'll wake you up at all hours of the night so you cna go int he ktichen and watch her eat. And she wakes you up by screaming and sticking her nails in your lips.
Goldie and i used ot not get along. Any time i'd try ot check on her or pick her up she's scratch or bite me (which is wild because i was there when stormy gave birth to her and we've had them since). Eventually i got fed up one day cause as i was walking by the couch she jsut reach out and scratched me really hard. So we got into a fight that last liked 2 minutes and now she's jsut glued to my hip at all times. This was about 10 years ago lmao
Toulouse is very mean, like Stormy, but he's also afraid of everything. He once looked down at his own feet and nearly scared himself to death. Idk how someone cna always be picking a fight but also gets scared to death if you couch too suddenly.
And finally Polka, she's a sweetheart but waaaaaay to cuddly considering she's liek 10000 degrees. also she sheds constantly and will bite you if she gets too excited while you're petting her.

'nother fun fact about toulouse, he loves corned beef hash for some reason.


Well-Known Member
This is my good girl Nala. :3 she is a 3 year old Grayhound-Lab mix, she is a big drama queen but it the most loving dog, loves cuddles and belly rubs (I do as well :3 but who doesn't). She has quickly become my ESA and will cuddle up or whine at me if she senses something is wrong.


Well-Known Member
I have adopted retired racing greyhounds. My current greyhound is KL Fernando, Nando for short. He is sweet and loves everyone he meets. I adopted him in 2011 and he is now 12 years old.


Deleted member 134556

My family has three dogs, a leopard gecko, a cat, and a beta fish.


♡ Stuffed & Full of Love ♡
I have two cats as my own personal pets, and I plan on having more! Currently, my two cats, Jupiter and Lucy, are my entire world! Jupiter is the oldest, being a black cat with the sweetest and softest personality. She's gentle and shy, but loves getting pets and attention. The youngest, Lucy, is a little rebellious teenager and is feisty. She is a tortoiseshell with an adorable look, but whether she'll let you pet her or not can be a challenge. She can be loving when she wants, it's the nicest she can be as opposed to her adopted sister (who is very tolerant, will rarely show her claws or hiss), but I still enjoy her!

I hope to get a Samoyed in the future, likely two of them. A couple ferrets, too!


Magepunk Fashionisto
This is Scooter Stabbypants, my hedgehog!


He loves mealworms, his running wheel, and using Anna's ginger thins boxes as tunnels! He has a toy dinosaur and a rubber ducky as well. He is VERY energetic and likes to play, and when he's all tuckered out, he's content to sleep in a little bowl on my desk. Scooter is an esteemed hedge fund manager and improvisational acupuncturist. We call him our land urchin, lap cactus, and Pokey Pookie Pricklepuppy. As the runt of his litter, he is unusually small, and has a deformed front paw with two toes fused together. He is a wonderful animal and beloved pet who we pamper and lavish care upon <3


New Member
I had two schnauzer/poodle mixes, both males; now, I just have the one. Teddy is the dog in the picture on the left and Licorice is in the picture on the right. Licorice was put to sleep last April because he was entering the moderate stage of dementia; he probably would have started forgetting he was house trained had we waited longer to set up the euthanasia appointment. Up until last year, I had no idea that dogs could get dementia like humans can. Although, Licorice was healthy physically; apart from his cataracts, his mind was deteriorating; and we couldn't stand to see him in that state anymore. On the day before he was scheduled to go for his last car ride to the vet, I took tons of pictures to immortalize this black beauty. We didn't consider euthanasia until it was recommended by the vet; and this was after we tried different medications to help with his anxiety and heart palpitations which also caused his excessive panting. When none of the medicines had worked, we decided to make the ultimate decision; it was hard since, he wasn't dying. Teddy is almost 16 and officially has arthritis in his joints along with inflammation; we're not entirely sure how many years he has left; or even months, it's hard to say. Licorice was two months shy of turning 14 when he was put to sleep.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
I got quite a few but will exclude the ones my parents are taking care of back in Illinois as that would at least double the tally.

1 tegu
2 water monitors
2 blue beauty ratsnakes
1 pied ball python
1 jaguar carpet python
1 veiled chameleon
1 rhino iguana


Well-Known Member
I have a pet dog named Johnny. He's a mixed breed, part spaniel and part terrier. He likes long walks, chicken, peanut butter, sunbathing, children, and dogs smaller than him. He hates long car rides (they make him sick, seriously!) , the veterinarian, thunderstorms, and dogs bigger than him.