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Tell me about your were-canids! (werewolves, weredogs, etc.)


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So, since I recently had a change of heart on zombie characters with the creation of an adorable zombie OC, I figured I'd give werewolves a fair chance too! I'm making a werecoyote character and would like some inspiration!

For those of you who have werewolf/coyote/dog/whatever characters, or who read a lot of fiction including them, what challenges do they encounter? What's their story? Are they compulsory or voluntary shapeshifters - that is, can they transform whenever they want? Are they social with other werecreatures, or are they the "lone wolf" type (pun not intended)?

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Okay~ so i have a werewolf character!

Name: Faeren
Gender: male

So at a young age, Faeren was a fairly average kid with a fairly normal family, till one day, while driving, two werewolves that were fighting slammed into their car, crashing it.. tldr, they all lived and he was 'bitten'. Eventually he got to know the pack near his home, ans learned of who those two were, and one was one wolf that went rogue.. so basically as he grew... he eventually learned he had actually been a werewolf the whole time and been lied to, he'd been from a special lineage.. now, some drama happens like a story would and the before mentioned wolf came back and there was conflict, blah blah everything worked out.. maaaany years later, he'd have something in his possesion- metallic claws with an enchantment on it. That became his weapon of choice and he usually stays in human form. Can he shift on purpose? Originally no, he didn't know he was one and then he did- and even then he couldn't.. but overtime he learned- (note being able to in this "universe" is not easy, however they do have control of themselves when they do, which is more than only full moon, but they are strongest at full.. another interesting thing is his claw weapons enchantment allow his claws to glow and can practically cut through anything during a full moon.)

Now of course this is VERY dumbed down, but I'm always happy to share more detail in direct messages with this or other characters any time!


I play a werewolf in Elder Scrolls - Skyrim and ESO. As a Khajiit. Because I enjoy contradictions that somehow work. It's so much fun pouncing on, thrashing, and nomnomming people. Also the howling and growling - aroooooo! Who wouldn't wanna be a werething? I don't have any backstory for these characters, and the names I use for them are from OCs of mine that are not actually werewolves... But I just can't help myself.


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As the resident forum werewolf I can offer a few fun facts and lore for you. <:

Contrary to popular belief, werewolves do not actually shift when the moon is full.

That is a myth brought about by the 1941 film "The Wolfman" where numerous villagers recite the poem:

Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night;
May become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

Werewolves are more dangerous predators than that because they can turn whenever they please.

As for their weakness to silver there are a few theories surrounding it. Silver throughout history has been used for its antimicrobial purposes and to detect and detoxify poisons, so if you subscribe to the disease theory of lycanthropy (Which really makes werewolf intimacy problematic since saliva and other bodily fluids can transmit the condition) then silver being its weakness makes a modicum of sense.

Silver also has been traditionally associated as being a holy metal that destroys evil. This has its roots in the biblical story where Judas Iscariot betrays Christ, resulting in Christ’s crucifixion. In return for his betrayal, Judas is given thirty silver pieces. After receiving his silver he soon regrets his decision, but his efforts to repent bring him no peace and his guilt leads to his demise at his own hand:

Then Judas, who had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that. And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself. (Matthew 27:3-5)

So if you subscribe to the belief that werewolves are evil, then the holy metal of silver is their bane and should be your weapon of choice.

Of course the whole silver thing is a rather recent addition to their lore, making its first appearance surrounding the slaying of the man-eating Beast of Gévaudan that terrorized the Margeride mountains of south central France between 1764 through 1767. The beast, said to be a werewolf, was slain by Jean Chastel who claimed he killed it with bullets that he forged from silver. (An unlikely thing because silver bullets are simply too soft a metal to be effective. They deform greatly when fired and have terrible accuracy as a result.) The claim stuck and left its mark on werewolf lore since. However, if you look even further back in history you'll find that it was actually quicksilver (Mercury) that slew werewolves. This makes sense because mercury is extremely toxic to everyone, but this knowledge isn't very useful to the casual werewolf hunter <;

Now if you're really set on slaying werewolves and you make the unfortunate (and probably fatal) mistake of getting into close combat with one, go with blunt force trauma. Due to the traumatic nature of shapeshifting, werewolves possess extremely potent regenerative properties to compensate for their body essentially breaking itself down and completely regrowing into something new. Ignoring the physiological implications of this (a discussion for another time) it means that if you slice or pierce their flesh, say through the use of a knife or a gunshot, then their damaged flesh will simply knit itself back together too quickly to incapacitate the werewolf. You would be in a war of attrition attempting to make it bleed to death before it is able to maul you to death. And most werewolves (should they live long enough) are experienced enough to know to back off in such a scenario and its merely the young and the new werewolves that would overestimate their own abilities and succumb to such tricks. No, a far more useful method is blunt force trauma. Broken bones take much longer to heal and if they are not set properly are prone to healing wrong requiring them to be broken once more to fix. A much safer means of incapacitating a werewolf in a fight.

TLDR, skip the knives go for a club if you find yourself needing to fend off an overly interested werewolf~

I could continue to go on and on on the subject of werewolves, their lore, their history, and their physiology but I think this is a fair start for the thread at least for you to sink your teeth into.


This one is a vampire, not a lycanthrope (werebeast) but I did get into a fight with a werewolf before.
We were friends until he ran off and joined a vampire hunting guild...

This one's name is Dar'rassi. The werewolf vampire Hunter, a nord named Jalfrik, found me in the woods beside Fort Greenwall. He threw a bottle at me, transformed, and charged. He slashed me good. I flung some mud in his eyes and ran. I got away. A healer at The Mages Guild in Riften fixed me up, and we never ran into each other again...