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Tell me something about your daily routine


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Sometimes, I try different foods. But apart from that my daily routine is quite the same


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When I get to work, the first thing I do is just sit in my chair. Haven't turned anything on, usually quiet in the main office because no one else is there but the accountant.
It's a nice way to get into work mode ~


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Days I work:

Get up, about 7 AM
Quickly get ready; walk down to the train station, take the 7:45 south to DC
Maybe have coffee on the train, or a soda and a bagel, look out the window, read, fiddle with my phone, variously
Get to work about 9:15, check e-mails, check the loading dock for deliveries and inter-library loans incoming; the library is really quiet, then
Make a 'to do' list for things at work, that day
Work a few hours at the main desk; talk to some of the student staff, joke around some
Lunch, at my desk, maybe write some
Catch a shuttle back to the train about 6 PM; train home at 6:45, back home, about 7:45
It's already pretty late
Talk to a few friends; maybe do some RPing, eat, take a bath, pet the cat, try and sleep...


Other days: Get groceries, clean, go to a museum and wander, read, try to write, walk around, think about how many people have lived in this old place, all the ghosts in such an old neighborhood, and feel an odd numinosity; look out my windows, at the old Cathedral, and Synagogue at opposite ends of the street...some nights, go down to the Tavern, get a bit wild and tipsy, talk to folks, go home, and feel all hyper: stay up all night, watch the sun rise some days, sleep all day, those times.

And then, I think a lot, about how fast the years pass, and wonder, if the bricks, the stones, and all these old buildings somehow will remember, when I have passed, as have so many others...

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On my days off -

..I thank God for being off, lol..
Sometimes I literally don't know that I'm off until I'm completely conscious after waking up.

Enjoy my morning by sleeping an additional hour or two,

Force myself to finally get up by going on Instagram or so,

Make coffee / breakfast if I have some,

Watch something on the good ol' YouTube while playing a couple of quick games on my 3DS,

Start my actual day around 12-1:30-ish ..only because I know my Mom wants to see me around that time..My "morning" stops at 2 pm.

When it's a work day - hardly any of that gloriousness happens and I'm depressed until I'm off again.


i wake up each day, browse all the stupid dating sites im on looking for the girl of my dreams, get quickly reminded that when it comes to things furry, sandpoint idaho is a barron desert, then i crawl back into my bed and watch netflix till either i have to go to work or its bedtime.... i live a sad life...


I caused a little stir.
everything is new but i'm getting into the routine of getting local coffee before i head out in the morning. There's a lot of cute lil places near here.


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FA being down today derailed my entire morning. Which is dumb, but it happened.

Normally, I email myself images that I intend to post, upload them to FA, and then go upload a video to YouTube, and go work on art.

FA was down, so I wandered off to make coffee, realised the site wasn't coming back up, and completely forgot to upload my video.


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My typical day when school is in session :
In the morning - Wake up, have breakfast, off to work, Teach classes
In the afternoon - Teach classes till 3pm, office time till 5pm
In the evening - go home Prepare food for dinner or eat the lunch leftovers; entertain self

My typical day when school is in not session or days off

In the afternoon - Wake up, have breakfast, all the house stuff, from cleaning to washing clothes to ironing, work on auto projects
evenings/Saturdays - Japanese class in the morning, entertain self into the weeb hours

- When I have free time, I enjoy checking what's up on FA or IB, watching Anime, gaming, reading magazines, catching up on all the latest automotive news, work on or details my cars and so on
I'm also on staff at 2 Anime Cons and 2 furry cons over the summer!


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Tell me something about your daily routine please OwO

Is it completely different every day ?
Is it complex or isn't it varied ?
Is it boring or must you be mostly active ?

What are you doing everyday ?
Maybe write down some extra hobbies.

Just anything what you would like to tell
[English isn't my main language so, hope u can understand ^^]
everyday i woke up drawing day and night braining overheat curses its truly painful
work without a pay ( got no buyers on my adopt and ych uwu )
my family didnt trust my hardwork wuuu earn double painful

drawing only...cuz i have realised im a losers in social yet no one there for me uwu


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My days are usually the same. I wake up eat, go to school, go to work, work out, go online for a bit then go to bed.

If I get either school or work off I'll play a couple hours of videogames and maybe go for walks. But until I finish school I usually don't have a lot of time for other stuff.


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Depends on the day, what kind of free time I have, and if the car's available.
But usually
•Get up
•Drink coffee and browse the net a bit. Check for references if I'm drawing
•Do dailies in my favorite dress up game (Love Nikki)
•Make breakfast
•Insert whatever errands, tasks, or drawings I plan to do
•Watch something with my girlfriend
• Insert whatrever continued things if I haven't left the house (ie go back to drawings or sorting craft items or what have you)
•plan dinner
•make dinner when my husband gets home from work/watch a show along with dinner, we're currently doing DS9
•go out to do errands if the car wasn't available
•play with and cuddle cats (I often do this throughout the day, but tend to do more at night before bed because I can't sleep with them in the room as both are noisy* and I sleep lightly)
•rp with my girlfriend/read goofy posts my husband sends
•have cocoa, chai, or tea
•go to bed

*one has allergies and snores, the other likes to yell if you don't pet him enough, or whatever, before he falls asleep and sometimes he'll leave and come back in, and then sit and yell at my head because I'm not acknowledging he's back. Because, you know. I'm asleep.