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Tell me something good that happened today!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I got through a day without being hassled by the company charity case, and didn't have to take care of the chickens.


Fun loving kitty cat
Had an awesome dance party last night with friends. Tails were shaken, drinks were drunk, fun had by all!!!


Explosion loving skooma cat
Found a new Comptia testing app. Needs a little modifying but it works like a champ! Also, my son's soccer team would their game! So fun!

Connor J. Coyote

Well-Known Member
I didn't get mugged...


Maybe not “good” but funny! Driving my looooong drive to work, going hella fast on the highway, listening to music, cigarette lit in one hand. Go to flick ash and the sucker disappears.

I think “meh at least it went out the window!” Ohhhhhh boy was I wrong. My back starts burning and I’m immediately like “ohh god ohh sh** ohh f***”

I STAND on my brake, because I need to stand to keep my butt from catching on fire. Pull over throw my hazards on. Luckily it’s 0400 on a Sunday Morning so no one is out and about. I lift my hind parts off my LEATHER seat to find a perfect burn hole.

Good thing? My uniform has no new holes in it! I was laughing at myself so hard I had to pull into this gas station so I could type this out. Have a good one my friends!


Lady of the lake
About a month ago Google Pay stopped working for many people in Germany who use it together with their PayPal account, including myself. Google Pay basically turned into my main payment method on the go, so that sucked.
Today it started working again though! :)

Also I got to hang out with lemurs again today. They came out to greet me, sat on my shoulder, wanted some scratches and belly rubs. There was much rejoicing :3


Woke up this morning and got myself a bun...moma always said, you'd better not eat more than one...she said you're one in a million, you've got to bring this home a dime...but you were born under a tall pine, with a buch of needles in your eyes...
But for real, nothing particularly good or bad has happened, its just another regular day of apprehensive boredom. Well, lunch was nice so there's that.


Queen of Laziness
I just put down some serious money for a huge fursuit tail, based on my scalesona today. I’m super excited, I ended up getting so much money at once!