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Tell me something interesting about your sona


Professional Watermelon Farmer
My fursona was born a poor kit in the Alabama swamps whose folks sent him to this awful pray away the gay prison camp he escapes from and travels from town to town often stealing watermelons to eat

he ain't got special powers 'cept his natural ones but he talks real pretty...

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Interesting fact about Vixye, not my fursona but one of my favorite characters... anyway-

Fact: she's an outer existinal being that watches over Reality, she has no physical form- so she has to create one to be seen, hence the body you end up seeing and interacting with.

Hello! It's me. :3

Hati is a wolfdog and is 80% wolf. He often wonders if he is a real animal because he does things that wild animals don't (read books, speak, etc). Because of this, the other animals don't like him. People don't like him because he is a wolf, and there's been some history of wolves attacking people. So he feels like an outcast.
TLDR Hati is a wolfdog who acts more like a person rather than a Wolfdog and feels shame for it.


Late Healer Ferret
My sona nearly died but caught themselves and dragged themselves back after finding the end with some lost souls. The feat earned them wings.

They’re currently 2/3 dead. They use ferret souls to extend their lifespan but out of the six they have only two “active” and “alive.”

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Relaxed Nature-Often lost in thought
My fursona is attracted to male bears, lions, wolves, and humans..
And also distrusts most (but not all) dragons..

..also loves to eat alligator and fish.. >:3


skittering about
my blood is completely transparent despite the fact that when i blush its white (normal for spoods)
also thanks to a small incident he is an almost only child (not normal for a spider)
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I may be mad but I'm perfectly good at it.
My snake 'sona once got turned into a rat as a punishment for offending the Goddess Karni Mata (he ate one of her subjects.) He earned forgiveness by sacrificing himself to save the life of a nursing doe, and regained his life as a snake, but he is cursed by a deep love and sense of devotion to rats and a desire to be amongst them.


aka Cutter Cat
His only supposed super power is the abillity to grow fur on command.


nazi hunter
He can shoot very well.

The times he's missed he can count down on both paws.

And he's done a lot of shooting in the war.


The NODS stay ON during sex.
I normally like to keep his talents limited to things I can actually do, but fuck it.

Despite having limited access to them, he flies a helicopter pretty well. Channeling his inner pegasus, I guess.


No longer using this site
Some ethereal thing. Vaguely doggish. Can be found roaming the docks, waiting to gain form.


Blue Frog
Is their name jimmeny?
Hehe, not really. He's called Felipe.



I caused a little stir.
Current sona can make some cheetah noises (chirps!) but can't purr. Most of their noises are dog noises.