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Tell us about games that don't get enough love!

Van the cheesen one

What is this? What is that??
I always love to find new, interesting games, but a lot of media focuses on the AAA/mainstream games and a lot of smaller, indie games often get overlooked. In this thread, you can post your recommends and please tell us, what you love about the game, just nerd out! :)

Van the cheesen one

What is this? What is that??
I have LOADS of games, but I don't wanna spam, so I'll just post from time to time :)
First is a little puzzle game called:
Baba ist you!

It is the most adorable, linguistic puzzle game! I play it in between appointments or at uni (to keep focused funny enough xD) and the art is simply precious.
You can find it on steam, easy peasy :)


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Definitely 'The Stanley Parable', Not to give away too much as it would ruin it, but basically its a game about choice, lack of choice, and the tropes of gaming! Besides which its hilarious!



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Blue Reflection!!!
Blue Reflection is a magical girl JRPG developed by Gust (Atelier, Nights of Azure) about a ballet dancer named Hinako who broke her leg and can no longer dance. However, she is granted the chance to become a magical girl and potentially have her greatest wish granted, but in return she must fight monsters that exist in a place called the "Outer Worlds", which are dungeons that exist inside of the minds of students at Hinako's highschool who are experiencing troubles in their lives. In order to help them, she must enter the dungeons of their minds and defeat the monsters to help calm their minds and help them think clearly.
Its a tremendously gorgeous game with one of the best soundtracks in all of video games arguably, having a heavy mix of almost dubstep sounding music with a heavy use of violin. Its really pretty.

One thing I think that makes the game especially worthwhile is how much effort is put into its worldbuilding. The music that plays when exploring the school has a very somber tone to it to help show Hinako's sorrow as a result of her leg, yet all the while you can hear random chatter in the backgrounds indicating that it is a school and other students go on about their days regardless. You can text message other characters on your phone as well as play phone games in between helping people in the school.
Also combat wise, one of my favorite things is that you can add crystals you get from helping people as upgrades to your skills, and as a result when in battle you can make some really super powered moves if you customize your party right. My favorite was making Lime, a girl who's attacks are really powerful, have attachments to her skills that heal her when she attacks, making her extremely formidable an opponent.


Game store page:
store.steampowered.com: BLUE REFLECTION / BLUE REFLECTION 幻に舞う少女の剣 on Steam

The standard battle music:


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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. It didn't sell well and you can still buy new copies for like 4 - 8€. The story isn't that interesting, but not bad either. It has voice actors, the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic and the gameplay feels fresh and new. The closest game I know, in terms of gameplay, is Valkyria Chronicles.
It's unfortunate that so many awesome games do not get that much love. Most of my favorite serieses will probably never continue.


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GUNZ the Duel was one of my favorite small time games in my teens. I think games like Blade Symphony was a bit better in regards to high speed sword fighting but GUNZ held a very special place in my heart.

So first off GUNZ is a free to play third person shooter that puts a heavy emphasis on speed, sword fighting and gun play. There were even player made exploits and combos (due to the weak engine) like 2 shotty (using 2 shotguns and cycling them quickly to stop the cooldown speed), butterflying (using a female character and blocking while attacking to do an omnidirectional attack). Butterflying was crazy, there where different methods of butterflying depending on how fast you could move called the double, triple or quadruple butterfly. It all came down to jumping, dashing, blocking and striking all at once over and over again just to pull them off. My brother and I used to spend hours just practicing to barely pull off the triple. You could also juggle people to death if you could perform the quad.

But unfortunately the game was plagued by hackers and butterflying and shotguning became an insanely aggressive meta.

The second game however GUNZ 2 used a class based system with each class having its own set up. This got rid of juggling, butterflying and nerfed the heck out of shotguns. The game is still free to play to my knowledge and isn't the best in terms of graphics and it only has a few maps and characters but the gameplay is insanely fun. If you've never quick scooped head shot someone while both of you are moving at 90 miles an hour you haven't lived.


Baba is You is great. I recommend this.
I did not like Stanley Parable at all. It felt too self important.
Blue Reflection looks cute, but I reel at "Gust". How C-rated is this game? I'm not one for sexualization for the sake of sexualization.

Broforce is one I like a lot. Old school run'n'gun tons of humor. It's even got a free demo! This is not something you see in games recently.

FTL: Faster Than Light combines Firefly with RTS in a roguelite setting.

One Way Heroics (Not Mystery Chronicle, which was a terrible version of the same game) is amazing. One Way Heroics 2 has been in development for years, and we're chomping at the bit for its release.


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I'm not one for roguelites, but I have to say I liked both FTL and one way heroics more than I thought I would. Definitely sunk more time into both than I thought I would. Gotta give to the latter for having some neat ideas though.

I've mentioned both before, but here's mine:
The Talos Principle - a philosophical puzzle game. This game is a true gem in my opinion. Even though there are no enemies in the game, the talos principle manages to establish the atmosphere of the game very well. That, combined with unique premise and execution of the story, is reason enough to play it. I'd say everyone should try this unless you absolutely, positively cannot stand puzzles in any way shape or form.

The Pirate's Fate - A pirate visual novel. Unlike Talos, I'd say this games has some noticeable/more flaws, though I suppose some of them might be subjective. That said, it's still a wonderful adventure visual novel. The special thing about this game(aside from the actual storytelling itself, which is obviously a requirement for a good visual novel) is that it's both a high-quality original english visual novel(OELVN) and it's non-human theme. Another not really major thing as well is that the game manages to make things which might be considered fetishes fit the story without being sexual or otherwise throwing off the moment.


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Custom Robo for the Gamecube, battling psychically controlled robots in arenas with a story and independent VS mode using parts that have been unlocked in the story

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Just because Fortnite and PUBG are popular doesn't mean we should forget CounterStrike.

Even if I'll never be good at it you broken, nonsensical, hacker-infested antique.


Two games come to mind immediately: Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless. I very, very rarely find anyone who has played them. Endless Legend is like Sid Meier's Civ, but in a fantasy setting with RPG elements. Dungeon of the Endless is by the same dev team using some of the same world elements (you even get a bonus for owning both games in each), but an entirely different genre. Rogue-like/tower defense is the best way to describe it I suppose. Very addictive gameplay and I adore the music so much.

Both are games requiring a special mood for me to want to play them, but they are special.

Another one that comes to mind is Final Fantasy 6. It's my favorite of all of them and I find there aren't a ton of people who have played it. Everyone knows 7 though... everyone... *internal rees intensify*


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Tyranny. A fantastic RPG with a twist. You are the bad guys! Done by obsidian using the Pillars of Eternity engine so it is very like Baldur's Gate. I loved every minute of it and have played through it maybe 3-4 times now


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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. It didn't sell well and you can still buy new copies for like 4 - 8€. The story isn't that interesting, but not bad either. It has voice actors, the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic and the gameplay feels fresh and new. The closest game I know, in terms of gameplay, is Valkyria Chronicles.
It's unfortunate that so many awesome games do not get that much love. Most of my favorite serieses will probably never continue.
I got my copy from a surplus store for literally a dollar lol


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I have LOADS of games, but I don't wanna spam, so I'll just post from time to time :)
First is a little puzzle game called:
Baba ist you!

It is the most adorable, linguistic puzzle game! I play it in between appointments or at uni (to keep focused funny enough xD) and the art is simply precious.
You can find it on steam, easy peasy :)

oh that game... after playing it my brain is melt...
the long senteces you can make..
key on box is not you and push....
anyways... on my end i suggest Patapon! dont laugh over the name its a strategical rhythm game where you build an army and command them with drums


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I don't know if this really counts, but Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle was great. Had some seriously noticeable flaws,but overall I think the good outweighed the bad. I guess it wasn't popular enough though since we never got a Dark Cloud 3.


Age of Barbarian.
store.steampowered.com: Save 50% on Age of Barbarian Extended Cut on Steam

The game is a love letter to Sword 'n Sorcery games of the 80's. Gameplay has been updated to the modernage but it still plays very similair.
The graphics and storytelling are a perfect representation of these kind of games cover art and manuals as we saw it on the Commodore 64.
Some of the old cover art to give you an idea:


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YGO Duelist of the roses

a turn based strategy game, with major versatility and effective ways to plan out how you like to play.

1st. Yugioh duelist of the roses, is A twist on the rose war where you are summoned to change the events to play out giving you an option of what side you would like to be on Red (yugi) or White (seto) All the same while Your specific name determines the pool of what your first deck (one of 3 choices) is. Decks are like usual 40 card limit but have leaders which is your king piece which you want to protect, Any Monster can become a king piece and gains ranks for leader abilities. (i think a max of 4-5 abilities per race. On top of that it has a chess style board with terrain that can add positive or negative effects, as well as special types of terrain, like labyrinth has less then 5% of all monsters that can move through it including leaders.

playable with PCSX2 (my main form of playing)

1.) has pretty decently sized amount of duels
2.) has a map creator for vs 2p +trading
3.) Nice cut-scenes but not filled with them.
4.) A TON of cards. more then the game puts off
5.) High replay-ability I am still doing play through's since i was very little
6.) Very good amount of customization for a ps2 game.
7.) Free fusion with non strict parameters (pyro+warrior = flame swordsman, dragon + machine = machine dragon yada ya)
8.) Want a card your opponent is using you have to defeat it and send it to the graveyard, then it pops up in a slot machine get even 1 variant in your row and you obtain the card, matching 3 gets bonus ultra rare which is a hidden slot machine rolled off screen with 1 lane. (found using save states reloading and hitting the button the same time every time grans the same result) this is also affected by deck leader abilities which can grant more rows.
9.) Reincarnation The good. win 5 duels or lose 5 duels in a row against anyone allows you to reincarnate 1 card. this breaks down the card into 3 random cards around it's same deck cost and is save manipulable
10.) all cards have some animated effect, and monsters have models which are view-able in deck management.
11.)Fusions can also be obtained as cards and become leaders.
12.) Animated fights. with a quick fight function to change it from a cut scene to just 2 small slashes on the cards.
13.) CRAZY DECK BUILDING. I recommend having 3 save states, 1 for your name, 1 for your main file legit, and one with every cheated card. (read the cons info for more)
14.) With the amazing ways you can make decks i have personally broken the game many times using all sorts of strats, and i haven't even gone through them all.
15.)beating the story gives you a card code to put in while deck building to give you a unique card out of a list of 20? mirror wall is one of them.
16.) each duelist has a unique arena.
17.) terrain matters
18.) Exodi-dad is not abuse-able (you have to promote the head of exodia to leader and then get his 4 other parts in the correct positions of his summon zone to win instantly, you do this in the practice duel.)
19.) Challenge friendly, pleanty of ways to restrict your type of playstyle.
20.) Can still surprise you after hundreds of hours.
21.) over couple thousand cards.
23.) Beating 1 side allows you to continue to through the other sides campaign, (make sure you save in game for this to work properly it will prompt you with a save in the creds, when both sides are completed the whole map opens.


1.) exploitable, after a few runs you can trick the ai pretty good (machine zerging is too mobile and powerful.)
2.) There is a deck cost limit. this is somewhat a pro, there is a mechanic that puts a total on how much your deck costed to make. Each card has a cost depending individually and you have to meet under a requirement or match the specific duelist you are fighting, EX:| Mirror wall's Deck cost (or DC) is 80, and when you have to fight lets say joey who has a DC limit of 970 and if Mirror wall costs 80 thats 12% of your total on one card. as long as you're under or match him you can duel him.
80 cost cards are rare so dont worry too much, i made a deck with like a 345 DC and beat every duel (that required me to cheat all the cards to what the lowest possible DC limit i could make and still beat the game was.
3.)reincarnation the bad, having to win or lose 5 duels (ez with surrendering) it can also take a long time reloading a reincarnating a card like a Forest just to change it into a mountain
4.) there are not enough duelists to get every card though the slot system, making you reincarnate to obtain every card
5.) after beating the game so much you realize how little your lifepoints are, each major battle with people (given the right circumstances) can be hard, i have lost to everyone at least 1 time even with an overpowered deck. however the chances they get their combo off before you kill them are slim except a few people who are always hard a majority of the time.
6.) Deck leaders take too long to promote a monster to a leader and too long to promote to get abilities (every 4 ranks is an ability, and just even getting 1 card promoted does take some effort alone as you have to use it a lot.)
7.) Dialogue in the beginning is un skipable so making a new profile does take some time.
8.) a slot machine.
9.) has more then the game puts off but doesn't disclose that information ever.
10.) the 4 unobtainable cards legit and only one of those is playable, 3 god cards are unable to be used, and a card called "ryokou" must be cheated to obtain, however it halves your opponents life points and powers up your monster for that amount.



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Sonic Time Twisted.
An incredibly good fangame for PC. It mixes everything that made the original Mega Drive (and CD) Games awesome!