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If you send your ref(s) through DM, please title it "Free Sketch Request"
Also, I will do NSFW or SFW so please let me know which (or both) that I can draw it in
No guarantees on what will be drawn, I'm just practicing different things so specific requests may be passed over (I'm not super great so it will be hard for me to do certain things)
Also, if you allow NSFW, please give a nsfw ref/explanation or let me know if it's okay that I do my own version
I mostly draw feminine characters so female, futa, femboy, etc. I want to do male but please forgive me if it looks like a mess x D (I do want to practice males though so if you don't mind sending male characters as well, I will do my best!)
I won't be doing anything in a specific order and each one will have a different look to it (some may be full body, half body, headshot, etc)
Also, please tell me about your OCs so I can incorporate that into the drawings c:
Otherwise, I can't wait to draw your OCs! Please feel free to post in here or in DM and you can send multiple OCs ^^
You can list anything you dont want in your drawing (like poses or such) and I can try to do multiple OCs in one pic.
Anyways! I can't wait to sketch for you c: Thank you!
(As I sketch, I will upload them here so people can see examples because I currently have none ^^; )​



Can I get a NSFW of this pretty fox? No clothing thankies! ^^


here's my boy Kiba, and feel free to draw his spouse Nightshade along with him! Nsfw, or sfw is fine. idc which one so feel free! i dont mind anything that you do, so you have free range over them.


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