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Name: Tenso
Last-name: Koumori
Nicknames: Mori, X-so
Species: Bat
Age: 20
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 176 Cm
Wight: 65-70 kg
Body type: Slim athletic
Quirks: Tenso has 3 normal fingers and 2 extreamly long ones to which his wings are connected. His wings are also connected to his body, making it impossible for people to hug him around the wasit

Likes: Summer and spring as he can be shirtless, rain, twilight and night, candy but won’t admit it, mostly listens to pop but occasionally rock, piano and deep male voices, books focused on global events with many intriguing characters, mainly history-fiction, spicy food, preferes fruit over vegetables favorite being pear, cheesy romance movies although he will NEVER admit it, dark blue and deep purple, as it reminds him of nighttime, people with tattoos although he can’t say why, fruit-filled cakes, walking aimlessly alone.

Dislikes: Autumn and Winter as he can’t walk shirtless, Snow, Dawn and daytime, chocolate, ambiental songs without lyrics or high pitched notes, violin and high female voices, books focused on few characters and their relations, Salty food and soups, any vegetable but he can eat pickles, carrot and lettuce, horror and action movies, bright yellow and light blue colors as they remind him of daytime, people who obviously spend too much time on their hair, muffins, being stuck in a crowd.
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Tenso is a deeply self-conscious person, his troubled childhood made him insecure about himself, both physically and psychically. As he was growing up he slowly learned to accept himself for what he was and feel pride, but the scars left made him precautions and paranoid of what other people think of him. This is why he tends to over analyze other people's words and body language, which actually made him a good reader of people as a by-product, but it also makes it harder for him to trust others. This is why he rarely opens up, and when he does, he only says a fraction of what he really feels, making him appear shy to some and cold to others. Some even describe him as “mysterious” because of this.

Despite all this, Tenso is actually a warm, caring and protective person, once you earn his trust. He knows how it feels to be hurt and as such he can’t stand to see others in pain. He is a great empath and is able to understand how others feel without them needing to express it verbally, however he rarely shows that side of him. He wants to appear tough and confident at all times, to hide his internal struggles and not to bother others with his problems. He can’t stand to see people in pain and he especially doesn’t want to be source of that pain, that’s why he avoids speaking ill of anyone, and instead prefers to highlight their strengths, sometimes idealistically.

In company, Tenso prefers not to talk about himself outside of factual content (such as his age or origin) and feels uneasy when questioned about more private things, such as dreams, aspirations, or emotions. He talks a lot when he is alone with another person but gets increasingly silent as more people get involved in the conversation. This is because he keeps a good track of what topics he can discuss with specific people, and as the number of conversants increases, the number of topics they all have in common decreases. While he may be mostly silent in large groups, he enjoys them nonetheless, since he can learn a lot about different people without having to be under the spotlight, which usually makes him nervous.

Tenso is not so much intelligent as he is well informed from all the reading he does in his free time. He is also able to connect things really fast which in combination makes him seem clever or bright, while in reality he is only smart. He lacks in the creative department, as he can only connect existing ideas without actually creating new ones in the proces. He is quite knowledgeable about a lot of abstract areas, such as philosophy, however he lacks the capability to expand those ideas, he can only understand them and critically examine them.

When it comes to sexuality, Tenso is strictly homosexual. He was, for a while, in denial of his sexuality, even disgusted by it, but over time, and with help from his first romance, he learned to accept it. He doesn’t really feel pride for being gay, but he also doesn’t feel shame, to him it’s the same as liking a certain color, no need to feel proud or ashamed of it. He is not scared of coming out, he actually finds it easier to do than discussing his dreams and aspirations. He mostly comes out to people he trusts, however if a random stranger was to ask him about it, he would gladly confirm it, provided he didn’t feel threatened.

When it comes to romance he has his likes and dislikes, which are mostly based on people's personalities, rather than looks. He asserts people based on their personality and not their appearance, however he uses peoples physique to assume their personality, more or less accurately. He is a romantic which likes to hug and be hugged and he searches for same traits in his partner. He would like a partner who is open and with whom he can be open with, but other than that he doesn’t really find any specific trait as necessary. He is versatile in bedroom and open for trying new, ahm, ways of enjoyment, however he needs a certain level of connection and trust with his partner to even get there.

Tenso likes to play basketball and he is quite good at it. His talent on the field was his original source of confidence in youth and continues to be the root of his motivation. Through basketball he learned to love his body and by extension himself, which was a major source of insecurities in his youth. He feels alive on the field and always gives his best, as performing well is directly tied to his pride. He trains hard in order to become a professional player one day, which would be his ideal career. He knows that there is a lot of money and fame in that business but that is not what motivates him towards such career, rather it is his deep and personal relation with the game.

His hobby is photography, which he learned to love because of his first romance. Taking photos reminds him of who he is, and how he came to terms with it, and as such, is activity which brings him to his happy place. He isn’t really talented as a photographer though, but to him it was never about being good at it anyways, just doing it makes him happy enough.

Because he is a bat, and his wings are connected to his torso, Tenso hates wearing shirts, as most of them are just normal shirts with holes on the side placed as an afterthought, making them extremely uncomfortable to wear. While he was young he wore them because he wasn’t confident enough in himself, and now, walking shirtless represents freedom and confidence to be who he is.


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History (part 1)
(Warning: soft homosexual imagery and it may be depressing at times)

Tenso was born and grew up in Japan, however his family does not have roots there. His father, a well respected scientists, landed a high paying job and decided to move, along with his wife, who was at the time pregnant with Tenso. To allow him easier assimilation, his parents gave him a native name and changed their last name to fit the society, however that wasn’t enough. Japan at that time had little to no Bat races, and no matter how much his parents and teachers tried to help him fit in, teaching him the culture and manners of the people, he stood out.

Tenso had a childhood full of bullying, pulling wings and name calling. He spent his days mostly reading books and staying on the side, hoping that he won’t draw attention to himself that way, and that the bullying will eventually stop. However, being a nocturnal creature, he felt sleepy during the day, and his frequent yawns were enough to remind others of his existence. His wings were also a cause for content towards him, as a source of envy from those without and as a source of ridicule since his shirts had to be cut on the sides for him to be able to wear them. There were people that tried to befriend him, but the continuous harassment made him weary even of those that wanted to help, as a result, he never made a single friend all throughout middle school.

Things changed for him once he began attending high school. All the reading that he had done soon made him one of the top students, and he was chosen as class representative almost unanimously. People there were a bit more mature, most of them liked him precisely because he stood out. Yet, all the years he spent isolated from his peers took a toll as he never really learned how to socialize with strangers. He didn’t feel awkward silence and he never initiated conversations, he only answered when he was asked something, not of personal nature. This made him appear strange and somewhat cold, some even took it as a sign of superiority complex.

Despite being respected for his intellect at first, his peers slowly turned away from him, stopped trying to reach his shut soul. Even though he was no longer bullied, Tenso felt the cold atmosphere towards him, and lacking understanding of social dynamics, he thought that the reason for such behavior towards him was his biological nature and foreign origin.

This isolation slowly lead him into depression and self loathing. As the inner-tension increased his marks began to fall, he was soon replaced as class representative and lost even the smallest traces of support he had, which further fueled his negative image of self. One day, on PE class, Tenso felt the need get that tension out of his system and joined a friendly game of basketball. He was not really athletic, nor was he any good at dribbling the ball or shooting it, however, his wings proved to be enormous help in blocking, and his ability to echolocate helped him pinpoint his teams position even when his sight was blocked. In the end, his side lost the match however only by a small difference, and the opposing team felt a collective need to express how much harder it was to play with Tenso as a blocker. His team, and their teacher also noticed his potential, and immediately asked him to join the team. The sudden positive attention he got, combined with the fresh surge of adrenaline after a tight match, made Tenso accept the offer momentaly.

This was a turning point for the better. Through practices and games, Tenso slowly began respecting his body again and slowly began picking up his grades. He hung out with his team occasionally, though, years of isolation still influenced his ability to socialize. He was still shy and silent around strangers and large groups of people and only answered non-personal questions. Needless to say, he wasn’t quite popular because of that and outside of his team, with which he had limited number of topics he was comfortable discussing, he had no one to talk with.

Tensos schedule was tight. Between school, practices, games and studying, he had little to no time for any other activity. He soon got a break from it though. During one match, he overestimated his still developing physical abilities and broke a leg, for which he was immediately hospitalized. The injury wasn’t severe and Tenso would be able to play again, that is, after a lengthy rehabilitation. His team visited him once to wish him a quick recovery, but they were all to busy preparing for the next match to visit again. Despite that, he wasn’t lonely. In a bed besides his was another injured man, a rather talkative and charismatic Fox, with a broken arm.
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History (Part 2)

Tenso wasn’t much of a talker, and he didn’t mind silence, however the Fox was exact opposite, he couldn’t stand a minute of silence in someone's company so he began talking and didn’t stop all throughout their recovery. Tenso soon learned that the Foxes name was Andrew, he was a professional photographer from america, visiting Japan for the first time, 20 years old and still single, mostly because he was gay and gay americans were the worst. This was all disclosed in the first 30 minutes of conversation, or rather, a monolog. Tenso was weirded out by how open Andrew was, but he just assumed that all Americans are that way, introduced himself and briefly explained how he ended up here, all in English (his parents thought him both Japanese and English from a young age). Andrew was shocked by the fluency of Tensos English and quickly made a lot of assumptions and connections, he was good at reading people and most of his assumptions turned out to be true.

“Let me guess...” Andrew spoke softly, with traces of empathy in his voice, and all the while looking Tenso directly with gentle expression. He then proceeded to describe Tensos life broadly, however with earrie and unsettling accuracy. Tenso listened but couldn’t find strength to look at Andrew, he just stared at a random dot on his bed, all the while blushing and clinging onto his bedsheets, as if letting them go ment losing his identity. Andrews soft voice, full of compassion was the only reason Tenso didn’t interrupt him, even though he felt as if his whole existence was being attacked. Andrew really knew how to handle different people. “...And now you are feeling attacked,perhaps scared... and that is normal, anyone would feel that way, but you are not stopping me even though you want to, why?” The question was never meant to be answered by Tenso as he didn't have the answer, the question was aimed at making Tenso think that he does. Tenso lowered his guard, loosened the grip on his bedsheets and looked towards Andrew with corner of his eye, ready to answer (even though he didn’t know what to answer) but got interrupted instead; “Because you know I just want to help you”.

Andrew stopped talking and let the silence fill the room, giving Tenso room to breathe, relax and sort out his feelings. The room was silent and motionless for a minute or so. Tenso felt divided on the inside, but Andrews words somehow echoed through his head, guiding him in the vortex of emotions he felt, pointing away from the darkness and doubt. Tenso finally found courage to look Andrew directly into eyes and was ready to say something, anything actually, as he didn’t know what to say but was once again interrupted by Andrew who patiently waited for this moment. “Don’t get me wrong kid, Im doing this for myself, I like to talk and I can’t have you sitting silently for weeks, id go crazy” said Andrew, hinting with his voice and expression that he is part serious and part joking. They both laughed, Tenso for the first time in a long time.

During the next two weeks, the two of them became close. Andrew mostly talked about his professional achievements and all the countries he had been in and subtly encouraged Tenso to ask questions. He occasionally asked Tenso personal details about his past, his dreams and aspirations. Tenso was open about some of it but sometimes reluctant to which Andrew responded by revealing a nasty or embarrassing detail from his past, helping Tenso open up when he otherwise wouldn't.

The only topic they never mentioned was sexuality, even though Andrew’s sudden and random confession got stuck somewhere in the back of Tensos mind. It bothered him because he himself was gay, however, he never had enough courage to admit that to himself, even less to someone else. Japan was mostly homophobic, and somehow, Tenso managed to convince himself that his feelings weren’t real and that they would pass, he didn’t want to give others another reason to bully him, he stood out enough as it was. He denied them for so long in his childhood that he forgot he had them, that is, until he saw members of his team in the showers, which suddenly made those feelings overflow him.

Two days before Tenso was to make a full recovery and was to be discharged, Andrew proposed a walk through the park. They had both recovered enough to be able to leave the building at their own whims. After a short walk, and a pleasant, friendly conversation, Andrew proposed that they sit down, his expression and tone of voice were slightly heavier than usually. A bit reluctant, Tenso sat down on a bench and Andrew followed. A short silence shrouded them and Tenso was now aware enough of socialization to know it became awkward.

“So…” he tried to break the silence but Andrew stopped him “I know you are gay…” he said with somewhat sad tone. Tenso was caught by surprise and his initial reaction was backing of and creating distance between the two, he wanted to say something, deny it, but he couldn’t find the words, he did blush though. Andrew looked him in the eyes, with a look Tenso never saw before and couldn’t understand. “Listen… I knew from the start, I saw the way you looked at that Tiger friend of yours…” he paused to let Tenso speak, or react, or anything, but Tenso was, in a sense broken. He couldn’t speak, or even move for that matter, he was in utter shock as his deepest secret, a part of him he would prefer didn’t exist was brought into daylight, into reality.

Andrew knew how Tenso felt, after all he had been through the same denial, and he sort of expected such an reaction, however this might have been more than he could chew, he might have screwed up their friendship. “Look, I know what you are going through, I had been in the same situation.” He reached out his hand, trying to touch Tensos hand in sympathy, but Tenso retracted his hand and snapped out of his shock. “You… you don’t know anything...” Tenso muttered below his voice, stood up and bolted back into the hospital, not even turning around. Once he entered his, or rather theirs room, he simply laid into the bed and covered himself completely with blanket. He spent hours like that, simply thinking, examining himself and recreating the scenario. His thoughts were interrupted once Andrew, who was wandering aimlessly until now, entered the room.

Hearing Andrew enter made Tenso curl up a bit more as he was not yet ready to face him, and Andrew, seeing the reaction, wanted to back away or say something, but couldn’t do either. Tenso soon managed to reason with himself, he left his blanket fortress, which now just seemed childish to him and sat on the bed, with his back turned towards Andrew, as he was not ready to face him, and by extension, himself. Andrew was torn between approaching him and staying where he was because it seemed like Tenso left space for him to sit, and despite having his back turned, seemed to be inviting him. In reality, Tenso was doing both, inviting and rejecting, pulling closer and pushing away, however he did none of that consciously, his body was simply expressing how he felt. Andrew didn’t know what to do, he just knew that he should not say a thing.

A brief silence felt like an hour to both of them, but it was soon broken. “I…. Shouldn’t have reacted that way…” Tenso said silently, trying to hide the fact that his voice was shivering. Andrew noticed that Tensous body relaxed, ever so slightly, and saw it as sign that it was ok to approach him. He slowly began walking towards Tensou, almost without making a sound, and once he reached his side, he was able to see Tensous face, simultaneously deformed by anger and sorrow. He slowly sat close next to him, on a part of bed that almost seemed reserved precisely for this, and looked at Tensous face from a different angle, from which he was able to see traces of tears sliding down his cheek, and his teeth grinding against each other in an effort not make a sound.

Andrew still couldn’t find anything to say, he wanted to apologize for taking such approach, but in hindsight, he approached the best way he could. Then, should he not have done anything at all? No, from the moment he met Tenso he fell in love with him, and set his mind on helping him… accept himself. Andrew realised that this was necessary, for Tensous own good, and he realized that Tenso knows it too. He proceeded to do the only thing left to do, he placed his arm on Tensos further shoulder, leaned his head on the closer one and placed his other arm on Tensos clutched fist. They stayed like that for a moment which felt awfully long and painful. Andrew felt that the grip of Tensous clutched fist suddenly loosened, which made him search for his eyes. Although teary, Tensous eyes were clear, steady, confident. Andrew extended his paw and placed it on Tensous cheek, used it to turn his head slightly and gently towards his own and gave him a kiss.


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History (part 3)

The following two weeks, after both had been discharged from the hospital, they spent all of their free time together, either in a quiet bar, walking aimlessly through streets and parks and occasionally hung out at Andrews hotel room. They were quite discreet in public, both carried a camera and if they ran into any of Tensos acquaintances they would explain themselves by claiming that Andrew was teaching Tenso photography, a hobby he picked up at a hospital. It was quite a good excuse for occasional rub on the shoulders as well, all Andrew had to do is point randomly in the distance, lean closer and act as if he was giving Tenso tips. However, nothing lasts forever, Andrew was in fact on a business trip and couldn’t, legally, stay forever. Tenso faked not being able to play for a bit longer than it was true, to spend as much time as possible with Andrew. He also faked a couple of “all night study groups” and “group projects” so he could sleepover at Andrew’s. He was usually honest and not known for deception so people naturally trusted him, although this made him feel a bit guilty. Nonetheless, those two weeks Tenso felt truly alive, for the first time ever in his life, and they passed in the blink of an eye.

At the airport, waiting for the plane to depart, the two of them sat in a local caffe, holding each others hands tightly and staring intensely in the others eyes. Locals around them, mostly businessmen, stared at them in disbelief mumbling to each other. A group of tourists had the opposite reaction, they couldn’t stop giggling happily, somewhat embarrassed for staring so much, but not shy enough to stop taking pictures, even after one of them accidentally left the flash on. They didn’t mind any of that, mainly because they were so absorbed in each other that everything else ceased to exist, everything besides the ticking of a clock, which so eagerly reminded them of approaching reality. They didn’t speak much, there was nothing left to say, the only thing they could do is feel the deep love for eachother and anger at the world so willing to tear them apart. Tick-tock, 30 min left, Tick-tock, now it’s 20, Tick-tock, tick-tock.

“Listen” Andrew said and Tenso grabbed his hands harder, as he knew the reality could no longer be denied. “I’ll be back as soon as possible” Andrew said softly “Once I sell my photos I’ll have enough money for another trip”, Tensos eyes began to fill with tears despite his best effort to stop them. “I-I know that… B-but I will miss you so much” Tenso barely managed to speak without breaking down, to which Andrew leaned closer and squeezed his hands even tighter. “ I will miss you more” he said, trying to up the mood slightly, but to no avail. Andrew freed his both hands and leaned backwards a bit, he then proceeded to take of three earrings he had in his left ear, which Tenso observed, highly confused and a bit hurt because their physical contact was interrupted so abruptly. Once the earrings were off, Andrew kept them in one fist and used the other to lightly bring Tensos hand closer to his own son he could squeeze his arm between his own. “Something to remember me by, I think they will suit you” Andrew said softly, with a gentle smile and a warming look. Tenso placed his free arm on Andrews, he wanted to say something but was speechless, this whole situation was more than he could take.

The time was slowly creeping in on them, Andrew was more aware of that fact, or rather, wa sin less of a denial, so he took it upon himself to say goodbye. With their hands clenched together and their looks tied to one one another Andrew spoke softly, to which Tenso simply nodded and occasionally answered with a simple, under the breath “mhm”.

“You have my number”


“You can call me anytime you want”


“I won’t forget you”


“Im coming back soon”


“If you ever need advice Im here for you”






“Boarding for international plane to America will be closing soon”. Both of them snapped upon hearing that announcement. Andrew quickly checked his carry on bag and pulled out a small box wrapped in decorative paper. “I almost forgot, this is for you” he placed it in front of Tensos seat, but Tenso was no longer there once he looked up. Tenso was standing besides him and before Andrew even realized it, he got hugged by Tenso, shrouded with his wings, so that their faces remained hidden from the public. Tenso gave Andrew one last kiss before he said “I will never forget you, thank you for everything, goodbye” in quick succession, as he finally managed to accept reality. Andrew soon boarded and Tenso watched as the plane took off, waving in its general direction. Once the plane was out of sight, Tenso stopped waving and a sudden feeling of loneliness covered him like a blanket, but before he was absorbed in it, his phone rang, he got a massage, from Andrew: “open your present”. Tenso had completely forgotten about it, but seeing the massage made him open it immediately. It was a camera, and besides it was a developed picture of a selfie they once took in the park, on it’s back was written “Thank you for the memories I, will fondly remember our time together ~Andrew”

During the next few weeks, Tenso wasn’t quite himself, he felt and odd combination of sorrow and serenity, missing his time with Andrew and his presence while at the same time being glad he had someone to miss that much. They texted a lot at first but the number of messages slowly declined over time along with their sorrow. Their relationship never lost importance, their time together was still as valuable to them as it was when it was happening, but as life caught up to them both (Tenso had to train a lot to get back in form, while Andrew had to pick up more work to pay for the surprisingly expensive treatment bill) their priorities slowly shifted, their daily worries pushed out time for reminiscence and nostalgia. In the end Andrew couldn’t keep his promise and come back to Japan, he couldn’t sell his photos for as much as he hoped and some unexpected expenses made fulfilling that promise even harder. Tenso was well informed of this, and despite being sad, he didn’t blame Andrew for any of it, he even tried to relieve some of the guilt he thought Andrew felt (and Andrew did feel it), he blamed misfortune and how cruel reality can be at times.

A year has passed in the blink of an eye, the two of them still texted any major events in their life to one another and felt close, but at one point during that period they both realized that their romance downgraded (for lack of better term) into friendship, close and private friendship but friendship nonetheless. That's why Tenso felt sincere joy, instead of envy, upon learning about Andrew’s new relationship. He was grateful to Andrew for helping him learn more about himself, accepting it, enjoying it and their time together just served as a reminder of who he is. Tensos life hadn’t changed much since than, but his attitude towards it has, which made a huge difference in his overall content. He was no longer as scared of opening up, every now and then in small doses, which actually made his existing friendships stronger and overall made him a more approachable person. He learned to enjoy and respect his body, wore Andrews 3 earing with pride, and went shirtless whenever possible (since Bats have their wings attached to their torso, they can only wear certain, rather uncomfortable shirts). He also began checking out his teammates in shower, without feeling ashamed or disgusted with himself for doing so, just for a little pleasure. He never came out to anyone (besides his parents, who actually assumed it few years back) as he saw no need to do so.


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History (Part 4, End)

After a certain basketball match, with a certain prestige, a talent hunter approached him and offered him a sports scholarship, in America. This happened halfway through his 4th year of middle school, and since he accepted the offer, coming out to his friends made no sense, even worse, it might have just made his last few months in Japan unnecessarily complicated. He chose not to chase any romances, as they would have to be terminated prematurely, though at times he found himself having a crush. His day to day life was mostly relaxed, he would participate in his duties as best as he could, and spent his free time enjoying himself, whether it was by taking photos (his new hobby), hanging out with people or reading. Life for him was mostly uneventful and mundane, but enjoyable nonetheless. Finals came and Tenso, having already assured a scholarship, went through them without any stress, but gave the best he could just to check his capabilities. He excelled in some areas and was average in others, his best score being in sociology and history and worst in geography and math. This results helped him pick his mayors, Sociology (which he enjoyed) and History (which he was good at).

It was time for him to say goodbye to Japan. His parents took a vacation to help him move and accommodate to his new surroundings, and their previous experience living in America served as a gold mine of useful tips. Tenso acted as if he didn’t need them there as if he was mature enough to be ok on his own, but in reality he was really glad to have such a support behind his back. At the airport, as they were saying their goodbyes, each acting brave while holding tears back, his mother ferwelled him with “And make sure to send me a picture of your boyfriend, ok?”. They laughed and ferwelled each other with smiles on their face but deep down each felt uneasy at the future's uncertainty.

Alone in a world completely different than what he was used to, Tenso felt uneasy most of the time. A doubt in the back of his mind sprouted even during the most mundane and normal activities; “is it weird to do this like that”. He was exposed to a culture vastly different than what he was used to, and somehow, felt like he was doing everything wrong. He spent a couple of weeks just observing his surroundings, trying not to do anything he never saw others do. He went back to wearing shirts because of this, as he never saw someone casually walking without one. He didn’t want to draw any attention to himself yet attention he received. It’s not everyday that you meet a foreigner and get to ask him all kinds of bizarre questions inspired by stereotypes you didn’t even know existed, and for most of his classmates, Tenso was just that, an answering machine. He also got called out a lot during the classes, mainly in sociology, when the teacher wanted to illustrate how different cultures perceive different things as normal and suddenly ‘demanded’ from Tenso to think of an example for that oddly specific topic on the spot. Tenso usually found an example, no matter how half baked or simply untrue, stated it as fast as he could and hoped that all the spotlight would shift somewhere else. His basketball team also had a lot of questions, most of which Tenso really couldn’t answer with anything but unsatisfactory “It’s same in Japan”. People expected exotic answers but the reality was simply not able to provide them, and neither was Tenso. All sorts of different people talked to Tenso, and most of them left feeling disappointed as he was not able to meet theirs highly exaggerated expectations.

It was all overwhelming at first, new people, all of which talk in a language he never talked much in, new obligations most on an entirely different level then what he experienced until now, and a lot of new insecurities which came together with all that. Tenso preferred to stay alone whenever he could, to relax and analize what he can do to improve his experience. The adaptation was a lot more complex than he could anticipate, but it was not impossible, it just took way longer than he would have liked it. He slowly began hanging out with colleagues and teammates, for short periods of time at first, and occasionally opened up, ever so slightly, to a handful of people he trusted, or rather, made himself trust. It was a long and exhausting period, however he had Andrew and his parents backing him up in his times of need, and through their help, he just managed to stay short from depression. Over time, he began to feel more at ease, and at one point he began to fit in, even though he never noticed when exactly that happened. Around a year passed since his arrival and Tenso once again walked through the streets shirtless, which to him became a symbol of freedom and pride in himself.

Sorry for splitting this so much, there was a lot to post.

Thank you for reading, if you want to know more abut Tenso, feel free to ask me, roleplay you around!